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Barrett, Seán

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

A question please.More Button

A question please.More Button

The Deputy is over time.More Button

Visit of Vietnamese Delegation

I welcome to the Distinguished Visitors Gallery a group of Vietnamese parliamentarians. They are very welcome.More Button

Seanad Referendum (Continued)

Sorry, please.More Button

You have asked a question, Deputy Martin, and you must allow the Taoiseach to reply.More Button

I will let you come back in later.More Button

You are entitled to ask, through the Chair, please.More Button

Cool down. We will get to your answers shortly.More Button

The Taoiseach to reply. Other Deputies have questions.More Button

Deputy, would you please behave yourself and show some respect to the House?More Button

You are not.More Button

You are not entitled to jump in and shout across the Chamber when you feel like it.More Button

I will come back to you again. Other people have questions as well. The Taoiseach to continue with his reply. Thank you.More Button

The next question was in the name of Deputy Joe Higgins, but my office has received a message from him. Unfortunately, Deputy Higgins is in Kerry with his elderly mother, who is seriously ill.More Button

Deputy Higgins has passed on his apologies for not being here to take his question. The following question is from Deputy Boyd Barrett.More Button

We all do.More Button

No. We do not want to go down that road.More Button

I want to make it quite clear that every Member of this House is entitled to put a question to the Taoiseach.More Button

There is this idea that has built up that only the leaders of parties put questions to the Taoiseach of the day. I disagree totally with that. Every Member is entitled to table questions.More Button

There is no need to pass comment.More Button

No.More Button

I call Deputy Adams.More Button

Deputy Adams had three questions, Deputy Martin had four questions and you had one question, so be patient and I will come to you.More Button

Business of Dáil

We are moving to hear expressions of sympathy on the death of a colleague, Mr. Pádraig Faulkner, who served as Ceann Comhairle and as Minister while giving 30 years service to the House. I am deli...More Button

Order of Business

There are four proposals to be put to the House. Is the proposal that the Dáil shall sit later than 9 p.m. tonight and shall adjourn not later than 10 p.m. agreed to? Agreed. Is the proposal for...More Button

That is the liberal end of matters on the Order of Business.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

We do not want a tour of Ireland just at the moment.More Button

I think we have it now.More Button

Which legislation is the Deputy referring to which concerns Cashel?More Button

I think we have got the Deputy's message.More Button

We have just dealt with that.More Button

That is a different issue altogether. If the Deputy tables a parliamentary question I will see to it that it is answered.More Button

Patience is a virtue.More Button

I know, but I cannot deal with it on the Order of Business.More Button

The Deputy has made his point.More Button

I face my constituents every day.More Button

There we are now.More Button

Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013: Second Stage (Resumed)

A division was challenged on Monday, 1 July 2013 on the question: "That the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013 be now read a Second Time." In accordance with the Order of the ...More Button