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Stanley, Brian

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Local Government Reform

Asked the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government: in view of the new municipal districts proposed by the Local Boundary Commission, noting that some of these cover large geographical areas and in view of his stated intention to devolve further pow...More Button

Local Government Reform (Continued)

This is a practical problem for councillors who are to be elected next year. Their electoral areas will be 50 km or 60 km in length with very large municipal districts. Sinn Féin supports reform,...More Button

I have some information about practices in other jurisdictions. In France there is one councillor for every 118 people; in Germany there is a councillor for every 315 people; in Finland there is...More Button

I include Fine Gael councillors, who have raised this concern with me.More Button

The Minister should not mind that.More Button

We had to respond on the basis of the criteria and terms of reference of the committee. We were in a straitjacket in that regard. If the Northern model was followed there would be 1,180 councillo...More Button

The Minister has set out a menu of possible provisions for the devolution of powers. However, the only ones to which he is giving serious consideration are to do with tourism and economic develo...More Button

It is in the book: two per council.More Button

Water Meters Installation (Continued)

I wish to be positive, as the Minister wants us all to be in a positive frame of mind today. If the Minister wants to stop water leaks and reduce costs, why has he not looked at district or block ...More Button

On the question of the cost to the householder of Irish Water, the Minister says he does not know because that will be the responsibility of the regulator, which I accept. However, the Minister ...More Button

I always do.More Button

The Minister did not know anything about it the last time I asked him.More Button

I have been asking the Minister about it for some time now.More Button

And down here too.More Button

Block metering costs €4 per household.More Button

Finance (Local Property Tax Repeal) Bill 2013 [Private Members]: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

Hear, hear.More Button

Sinn Féin never advocated a no pay campaign. We were very scrupulous about that. It is another lie which needs to be nailed, along with others I heard in the past 15 minutes. More Button

Deputy Deering obviously has a problem with the truth. We have actively campaigned against the tax and offered costed, reasonable alternatives. If we fail in our endeavours today we will contin...More Button

To put the family home tax into context, Fianna Fáil came up with the bright idea of taxing people's homes, regardless of ability to pay. In its national recovery plan 2011 to 2014 it committed ...More Button

It goes on to commit Fianna Fáil to doubling the tax at an average of just over €200 per dwelling or site which would raise €530 million. It is roughly the same as what the Minister, his party a...More Button

There is some confusion in the coalition. Fianna Fáil was in favour of the property tax but no longer is. Fine Gael was against it but now supports it. The Labour Party flip-flopped all over t...More Button

Not only is the tax an attack on low-income families, it also serves to undermine local democracy. Local authorities raise almost 60% of their funding, but the Government has continued to slash ...More Button

Now they are obliged to pay an additional tax for the very same services. Some households will also pay separately for fire services and so on, while every household is now paying separately to pr...More Button

The Minister for Finance, Deputy Michael Noonan, is not in the Chamber tonight. He took over the management of this tax from the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Dep...More Button

The Minister stuck it to all those categories of people in this State. I am not here to defend the Six Counties.More Button

We want to see an end to the Six Counties state. Republicans in Sinn Féin are committed to abolishing it. If the Minister, Deputy Hogan, is talking to his British counterpart at one of their many...More Button

The Minister for Finance failed to acknowledge that the rates in the North cover such services as education, including school books, transport and meals, fire services, emergency services, health c...More Button

The Government is intent on forcing people, particularly low and middle-income families, to pay for this recession. It has failed utterly to ensure the pain is shared, instead heaping it on thos...More Button

I assign that party the blame it is due. The family home tax is simply a tax too far. Yet people will also face bills for water next year, those charges being introduced, rather conveniently, aft...More Button

The Minister of State at the Department of Finance, Deputy Brian Hayes, spoke in his contribution about taxation. He did not even have the relevant figures. I have them in my hand, direct from ...More Button

I understand that Michael O'Leary of Ryanair, who lives in a huge mansion in Westmeath which is reportedly valued at millions of euro, allegedly falls into category three of the property tax, whi...More Button

There are far more equitable ways of raising the money that will be taken through the property tax. We accept that moneys must be raised for the State so that services can be funded.More Button

We put forward a host of suggestions for cutting the cost of local government, as the Minister, Deputy Hogan, is well aware. Reform in that area requires cutting out some of the deadwood and reduc...More Button

There must be a reform of the tax system. We are calling on the Government to do what other countries do, such as introducing a wealth tax or a 48% tax rate on incomes over €100,000. These are ...More Button

This is an unjust tax which should be scrapped. What is required instead is a system of progressive taxation. In the meantime, however, the family home tax must be repealed. People cannot wait...More Button

The Minister is wrong.More Button

The Minister is wrong.More Button

Do not speak for me.More Button

Irish Water Expenditure

Asked the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government: if he will provide a detailed breakdown of the cost of establishing Irish Water, including wages, contracting out services and programme spending.More Button