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Donnelly, Stephen

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Finance (Local Property Tax) Bill 2012: Committee Stage (Continued)

The Title of the Bill is somewhat misleading. In schools of policy, they say that a good policy must meet three criteria: it must be technically correct, which is usually the job of the officials;...More Button

I am most surprised at the Minister, Deputy Noonan in respect of the following area: the Bill is technically flawed. I am curious as to where this arises. It can arise from one of only four sou...More Button

The Thornhill report says 0.1% but the Minister for Finance has opted for twice that.More Button

We can talk about the Thornhill report later.More Button

They said a lot of things the Minister is not doing. I have paid local property tax in London and elsewhere abroad. I did not mind paying it because it provided me with local services. I got a l...More Button

I am bemused as to why the Minister is going ahead with this. It is not for local services. If it were, people in County Wicklow and South Dublin County would not pay more than anybody else whe...More Button

I have a student loan, so why does the Minister not tax me on that? I am sure that many Members of the House have overdrafts, so why does he not tax them? It is extraordinary. In addition, the...More Button

A person may live in a house the market value of which might be €250,000 yet it was purchased for €500,000. That person and their partner have lost their jobs, so they have nothing but they will...More Button

I have gone through all the amendments and I notice that the Minister has not tabled a single one. We will not get through all of these amendnemtns, which are well meaning and technically sound....More Button

I have a final word for the Government Deputies, none of whom is present in the Chamber. More Button

If any of them happen to be listening on their office monitors, a lot of strong rhetoric was used in the Chamber in the small amount of time given on Second Stage to change this Bill. Yet, very un...More Button

Nevertheless, I suppose we will go on. I would be interested to know if the Minister intends to accept a single amendment. If not, we could do away with this sort of parliamentary charade we se...More Button

Finance (Local Property Tax) Bill 2012: Committee Stage (Resumed) and Remaining Stages (Continued)

Renters do not pay.More Button

Renters do not pay.More Button

I support the amendment. In fairness, I give the Minister ten out of ten for style - it was a good reply - but probably a bit less for substance. His reply went to the heart of the concern held a...More Button

The Minister mentioned the Thornhill report and that this tax was based on it. However, the report's recommendation was not a rate of 0.18%. As the Minister knows, it was 0.1%, a little over ha...More Button

The Minister eloquently deconstructed the Title to the Bill and I accept that it is a tax on property. However, I disagree with him on "local". I can use my situation as an example. I rent whe...More Button

I own an apartment - rather, the bank owns an apartment with my name on it - in Dublin. I will pay on that Dublin property, which I do not live in, and I will not pay on the property in Wicklow,...More Button

I thank the Minister for his reply to my question. He stated that the amendments would be dealt with, but they will not be addressed tonight. Rather, they will be dealt with as part of the fina...More Button

He did not mention ability to pay or regional variations either, the latter of which might, according to Deputy Olivia Mitchell, lead to revolution in Ireland.

  I will conclude ...More Button