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Healy-Rae, Michael

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Nomination of Taoiseach (Resumed) (Continued)

I congratulate the Taoiseach-elect and his family on this very special day. I also compliment and wish well the deputy leader, Deputy Coveney, who always had a great work ethic. He proved this ve...More Button

Coming to the programme for Government, the Taoiseach-elect has an awful lot of work to do. For instance, on the hospital services and waiting lists, more than 660,000 people are waiting for ope...More Button

There was a commitment in the programme for Government to our post office network. I will be calling on the Taoiseach-elect to deliver on that commitment in the programme for Government to save ...More Button

People are waiting for a life-saving drug, Respreeza. People are suffering from Lyme disease. The Taoiseach-elect can help them. There are commitments in the programme for Government including...More Button

During the leadership election, the Taoiseach-elect said that he promised an awful lot to be done for self-employed people. An awful lot has to be done for them because they are the people who a...More Button

Our farmers are in dire trouble. The troubles in the Brexit negotiations and what that will mean for tourism in our country are very important. I agree with Deputy Mattie McGrath, who spoke abo...More Button

The Cabinet proved yesterday that it can do an awful lot and can expedite an awful lot of work if it wishes to do so. On that, people were critical of the Minister, Deputy Ross. I compliment De...More Button

On better funding for students who cannot access SUSI grants, the Taoiseach-elect has to live up to the commitment in the programme for Government. Home help hours and a fair deal for a people w...More Button

I am abstaining on the vote here today because the Taoiseach-elect asked me to do so. I am also doing it because I believe there is nothing productive to be gained by voting against him today. ...More Button

Business of Dáil

Why?More Button

That is not a reason.More Button

Appointment of Taoiseach and Nomination of Members of Government (Continued)

Jealousy is no good.More Button

Kerry too. The Deputy is forgetting Kerry.More Button

And the groups too.More Button

The interruption was a tactic.More Button