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Flanagan, Luke 'Ming'

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Taxi Regulations

I have been contacted on this issue in recent months by several taxi groups, as well as by many individual taxi drivers, and they have expressed a lot of concern about it. One of their main concer...More Button

They also have flagged a problem with the proposed prohibition on selling licences. These taxi drivers have handed over a lot of money for these licences and I believe they should be allowed to ...More Button

I am always somewhat bemused as to how the Minister responding knows the answer to the issues that are to be brought up, as well as all the details, before the Member who raised it has actually spo...More Button

Taxi Regulations (Continued)

That is a wonderful idea which should be executed. Before doing so, the Government should ensure there has been dialogue and consultation with everybody involved. I am sure the people to whom I h...More Button

After this is done, Fine Gael - the party of law and order - can ram the law down their throats. Is there any chance the Government will speak with the interested parties in the mean time? If i...More Button

It is Christmas, although I am an atheist.More Button

Regional Airports

Asked the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport: if he has examined the competitive impact of the Shannon Airport support package on neighbouring airports such as Ireland West Airport Knock and on the region it serves; his national aviation prior...More Button

Regional Airports (Continued)

I thank the Minister of State for his answer. There are serious concerns about statements made in recent weeks, including a statement in the national media on 31 March. Only one meaning could be ...More Button

Please ask the Minister to engage more. The relevant people feel he is not engaging. They are reasonable and good people.More Button

He is biased.More Button

Penalty Point System (Continued)

On the penalty points system, earlier the Minister spoke quite passionately about how he intended to enforce the law for taxi drivers. That is very admirable. I hope he will be as quick to enforc...More Button

Transport Policy (Continued)

Will the Government consider a scheme I read about in the newspapers recently, which I did not think was serious at the time but it turned out it was? Swimming lanes have been developed on Regent'...More Button