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O'Brien, Jonathan

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Care Services: Motion (Resumed) [Private Members] (Continued)

I had expected the Minister of State, Deputy Kathleen Lynch, to be present and had intended to appeal to her to look into her heart and revisit her conscience. However, the Minister of State, Depu...More Button

You seem to presume an awful lot.More Button

If I could continue without interruption-----More Button

I will not take lectures from the likes of-----More Button

Can I finish?More Button

This is not a playground.More Button

I substantiate it with the fact that the Minister is heaping misery on tens of thousands of carers through the cuts he made last week. That is all the evidence I need to realise where you are comi...More Button

With respect to the carers listening to this debate, behind every carer there is the individual for whom he or she provides care. That individual has rights.More Button

Did I say you did not?More Button

There is no need to apologise to me or the House. The Minister should apologise to the carers.More Button

The Minister should listen, for once, to what people have to say.More Button

If the Minister would just listen for a moment, he might get an understanding of what people are going through.More Button

If you listened to people out there, you would not be coming in here to vote for cuts to respite care grants.More Button

I know what it is like.More Button

Up to last August, my mother was a full-time carer for my father, who passed away from motor neuron disease-----More Button

-----so do not tell me what carers do.More Button

I just justified it.More Button

I just justified it. You come in here and talk about the role of carers and how-----More Button

In the past you have.More Button

You are a member of this Government and it has implemented cuts which are absolutely devastating tens of thousands of families-----More Button

-----throughout this State. I will not take any lectures from you in here.More Button

It would be more in your line to go out and speak to the carers whose respite care grants you have cut.More Button

That is an even worse reflection on you. You have spoken to those carers and I presume the Minister claims to understand them.More Button

If you did, you would not proceed with the implementation of those cuts.More Button

I have heard members of your party-----More Button

-----today in the Seanad criticising political figures for raising this issue.More Button

Senator Hayden.More Button

She said that Opposition politicians who dare raise the issue of cuts to respite care grants are doing so for their own political purposes.More Button

I did not say she could not.More Button

I will. I refer to a particular point in the motion tabled by the Technical Group. I commend it to the Minister. Perhaps he will discuss it with the Cabinet. It is the need to put in place tran...More Button

In my mother's case, she cared for my father for so long that when he passed away she was at a loose end and did not know what to do with herself. In addition to trying to deal with the grief of...More Button

The Minister is sitting there but he is not really paying any attention.More Button

The Minister is more interested in his telephone than in this Deputy's contribution.More Button

Is the Minister more interested in his telephone than in listening to this contribution?More Button

There are no hypocrites in this House besides the Minister and his Government.More Button

We will, and I will take no lectures from the likes of you.More Button

You did. You were like a six year old.More Button

Departmental Expenditure

Asked the Minister for Health: if he will detail the way in which the projected €781 million reduction in the health budget in 2013 will be achieved; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

Health Services Provision

Asked the Minister for Health: if he will reconsider his rejection of the call by a person (details supplied) for a full public inquiry into the tragic death of their spouse at Galway Regional Hospital on 28 October 2012; and if...More Button

Pupil-Teacher Ratio

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: if he will provide assurances that the increase in the pupil teacher ratio in further education from 17:1 to 19:1 will not result in a reduction of 25 whole time equivalent teaching posts across th...More Button

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: his views on concerns that as a result of the high number of retirements in a college (details supplied), eight staffing positions have been placed at risk as a result of the increase in the pupil-...More Button