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Mac Lochlainn, Pádraig, Mac Lochlainn, Pádraig

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Penalty Point System

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: if he will provide an update on any internal inquiry currently being conducted following reports from a garda whistle blower (detail supplied) that a number of persons had penalty points written of...More Button

The Minister will agree that this is a very serious issue relating to public confidence in the Garda Síochána. I agree that a superintendent has the power to cancel penalty points on receipt of an...More Button

Penalty Point System (Continued)

Everybody agrees that there ought to be an arrangement for exceptional circumstances. I am asking whether the Minister is seriously suggesting there are just 300 questionable cases, not 50,000, th...More Button

The points system, including the option of paying an €80 fine, has saved considerable court time and prevented considerable expenditure. It has the confidence of the public. The problem that ha...More Button

When will the report by the assistant commissioner be completed? When will the Minister bring it before the House and make the recommendations? When will the disciplinary measures be taken, if ...More Button

I asked whether the Minister will publish the report.More Button

Equality Issues

As the Minister is aware there has been serious concern in recent years at the cutbacks in funding to the Equality Authority. I know from previous answers from the Minister of his determination to...More Button

Traveller Community Issues

There has been foot dragging on this issue for a long time. Coming from the Traveller tradition - my mother and grandmother are Travellers - it is critically important that we define the rights an...More Button

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

Here we go again.More Button

The Minister is talking about hypocrisy - God almighty.More Button

All of the backbenchers who are heckling are going to the newspapers to say they will confront the Minister about all of these cuts and how much they care about carer's issues.More Button

This is their chance to show they care, but instead they are heckling.More Button

It is a nonsense-----More Button

-----that all of these hecklers are telling their local newspapers how much they care.More Button

They do not care a damn. We will see in a few days time how they will vote.More Button

Judicial Appointments

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: if he will introduce an open and transparent appointment and removal criteria and process for the judiciary; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: his plans to introduce an independent Judicial Appointments Commission; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Hospital Procedures

Asked the Minister for Health: the position regarding corrective surgery in respect of a person (details supplied)More Button

Sports Capital Programme Applications

Asked the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport: the reason a club (details supplied) was deemed unsuitable for any funding from the sports capital programme despite the fact they fulfilled the criteria to receive funding; if his attention has be...More Button

Asked the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport: if he will detail all applications from County Donegal to the sports capital programme in tabular format and include the amount applied for and the reason that the application was approved or rejec...More Button