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Tóibín, Peadar

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

Not for the Taoiseach.More Button

The Taoiseach should answer the question.More Button

That is a disgrace.More Button

That is disgusting.More Button

Finance (Local Property Tax Repeal) Bill 2013 [Private Members]: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

We are abstentionists.More Button

Why does Deputy Anthony Lawlor not stand for election in Castlereagh? He would not get one vote.More Button

And emigration.More Button

We did.More Button

Earth to cuckoo land.More Button

That was a fact-free contribution.More Button

The Deputy should ask her constituents.More Button

The first rule of any tax should be the ability to pay. Some weeks ago I spoke to a man who is at breaking point. He has debts of some €20,000 arising from a collapsed business and a mortgage whi...More Button

I met a couple last week, of whom one has lost his job and the other is working 15 hours per week. For one week out of every month they have absolutely no money. In the winter, for example, they ...More Button

Some 180,000 mortgages in this State are in distress, the home owners in question living in terrible fear of repossession. Credit unions have indicated that 1.8 million people in this State are sc...More Button

I am happy to outline it if the Deputy will be patient. Some 400,000 people who had no job were given one in order magically to conjure up enough money to pay the property tax. People living in g...More Button

After affordability, the second rule of any tax is that individuals should only pay their fair share. Many people in this country have paid stamp duty on their homes. Anybody who paid €20,000, ...More Button

A good proportion of the tax will go to pay unguaranteed, unsecured debt. The Fine Gael and Labour method of collecting this debt is actually brutal. The Government is prepared to loot salaries, ...More Button

In conclusion, what happened to the alter ego of Deputy Enda Kenny?More Button

The Opposition alter ego of Deputy Enda Kenny said "It is morally unjust and unfair to tax a person's home and by so doing grind him into the ground." We are seeing a flip-flop Taoiseach...More Button

I want to pay my taxes.More Button

No, I want to pay my taxes.More Button

Earth to Minister Hogan - please come in.More Button

No, that is not the case.More Button

We mean people in the Minister's salary range.More Button

Departmental Funding

Asked the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government: the channel that will manage any future EU community led local development funding and LEADER funding; and if the proposed alignment of local government will impact on this.More Button

Property Taxation Application

Asked the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government: the way he expects local authorities to cover the cost of the local property tax on their social housing stock; and if he will issue a directive that local authority rents should not be raised as a...More Button