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McDonald, Mary Lou

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

It is the utmost in humbug, Scrooge, to come in here and make any pretence that yesterday's budget was fair. We all know it represented a betrayal of a range of promises the Government collectivel...More Button

I want to raise one of the bad decisions made by the Government and it concerns the decision on the respite care grant. The Government has cut €325 from 77,000 families, 20,000 of whom receive no ...More Button

This is serious.More Button

I am not interested in Minister's outpourings and attacks on Sinn Féin. That is par for the course. I asked a direct question about respite care. He should not try to worm his way out of this. ...More Button

Does Pat Rabbitte get that? I heard his colleague, Joan Burton, saying to parents who rely on the back-to-school allowance to shop around. How out of touch is she? She clearly does not know ho...More Button

This is not a moment for comedy. This cut of €325 is wrong, indefensible, unfair and indecent. If he has any decency left in him, he should revise this matter and tell the carers he will roll b...More Button

It was not a rhetorical flourish. It is a statement of reality and is shocking.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

It is not agreed. I presume it is deliberate that we are being afforded so little time to debate the budget. Next week, as we know, will be taken up with the social welfare Bill. We have had som...More Button

Why?More Button

A Cheann Comhairle-----More Button

I am asking for your guidance on this matter. It is not to facilitate me, but to facilitate the Members of the Dáil. This is a democratic forum and it is a budget. Why can the business not be re...More Button

We have a member of the Government sitting opposite.More Button

Report of the Expert Group on the Judgment in the A, B and C v. Ireland Case: Statements (Resumed) (Continued)

I am conscious that after a 20 year delay, we have had a flurry of debates on this matter in the Dáil over the past number of weeks. The extent of the debate serves to highlight the extent of the ...More Button

I am glad the report of the expert group has been published. My colleagues and I have studied it and I have a few things to say about it which I hope will be useful and in some way insightful. ...More Button

It is very important that we understand the kinds of restrictions the Constitution contains and the X case reiterates. The X case reiterates the need for legislation in very narrow terms. It is...More Button

When we come to the element of suicide, it is in those circumstances that the restrictive nature of the judgment must be most particularly borne in mind. In order for a medical termination to be...More Button

We need to be very careful as we move to the point of legislating for the X case that we do not allow the public debate to be captured by a kind of hysteria, be it by accident or design, that wou...More Button

If a woman's life is in danger and that danger can only be offset by a medical termination of pregnancy, it is legally allowable to do so.More Button

Having studied the report it is evident that the expert group was not asked to arrive at any recommendation or conclusion. Perhaps from the Government's point of view there was merit in this to ...More Button

There is some discussion in the document on the appropriate level of qualification of the medics who would make a determination in any individual case. It is a question of striking a balance bet...More Button

Decisions must also be made in respect of the appeals procedures, and balances need to be struck in this regard being duly conscious of the rights of the woman and the needs of the medical profes...More Button

I listened very carefully to the Minister for Justice and Equality, Deputy Alan Shatter, who made a very thoughtful and interesting contribution in the course of the debate on Deputy Clare Daly's...More Button

I do not believe so.More Button

I accept that and I do not presume to pre-empt anything. I am simply putting on the record the position of my party, which is that we require legislation for this matter and Deputy Mathews is fami...More Button

On several occasions attempts were made to overturn the decision in the X case, both of which failed. We can all analyse why this happened but the people spoke. It is now abundantly clear that we...More Button

Savita Halappanavar has, not surprisingly, been mentioned in the Chamber. The distressing element of this young woman's death is that she had lost her pregnancy and died at a time of such terrib...More Button

Hear, hear.More Button