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Daly, Clare

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Shannon Airport: Motion (Continued)

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Penalty Point System

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: if he has received information regarding the write off of a number of motoring offences for a person (details supplied).More Button

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: the date on which he received information regarding the write off of substantial numbers of motoring offences by some Gardaí.More Button

Penalty Point System (Continued)

Nobody is arguing that there should not be exemptions but rather about how the exemptions are applied. The idea that tens of thousands of cases - I have seen the evidence of it - have simply been ...More Button

I did not say that.More Button

That is not what we are talking about at all.More Button

Road Traffic Offences

On Friday, the Garda Commissioner, Martin Callinan, released a press statement saying there could be no question of what has been described as a culture of non-enforcement of penalties being tolera...More Button

I agree with Deputy Wallace. The only conclusion we can draw is that this issue is being deliberately downplayed. The Commissioner has had this information since January. This is a Commissione...More Button

How can the Minister get to the truth when the Garda Commissioner has known about this since January and has done nothing about it? He was warned about perversion of the courts of justice by sen...More Button

Road Traffic Offences (Continued)

Exactly.More Button

On the day the extension of penalty points into other areas is being discussed, it is absolutely critical that a transparent system is in place and that residents and citizens can stand over it. W...More Button

No.More Button

School Staffing

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: the reason the EAL teacher granted in April this year to a school (details supplied) in County Dublin on an appeal was removed in October without any warning or input from the school.More Button

School Accommodation

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: his plans to deal with the fact that Prefab 15 in a school (details supplied) has again, despite repairs, been leaking to the extent that the children have had to be moved to the PE hall, denying t...More Button

Schools Building Projects Status

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: when the decision not to award a permanent building to Rush and Lusk Educate Together was made, in contradiction to previous commitments; by whom was the decision made; and the reason for same.More Button

Coastal Protection

Asked the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform: the amount of funding applied for by Fingal County Council in relation to coastal protection works in its administrative area, broken down by geographical location; and amount sought and awarded pe...More Button

Building Regulations Application

Asked the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation: further to Parliamentary Question No. 345 of 27 November 2012, the reason he believes that the National Standards Authority of Ireland has no role in the ongoing monitoring of the unit (details sup...More Button

National Internship Scheme Numbers

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: if she will explain the way an organisation (details supplied) was able to employ a number of jobbridge workers while at the same time moving to dismiss nine full time workers; and the action she w...More Button

Arts Funding

Asked the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht: while protecting funding to the arts in general, if he will ensure that no taxpayers' money is made available to circuses which use animals. More Button

Electricity Transmission Network

Asked the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources: the reason his Department has assumed responsibility for a non-ionising radiation monitoring programme in relation to the monitoring programme for the east west interconnector magnetic fieldMore Button

Asked the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources: the criteria for independence applied to the formation of the independent monitoring programme for Eirgrid's east west interconnector's magnetic field and its members, including when and where the ...More Button

Air Pollution

Asked the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government: the actions he will take following the revelations by the European Environmental Agency of the substantial cost of air pollution from a number of industrial facilities particularly ESB power plants...More Button

Property Services Regulation

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: the contact details of the Property Service Appeals Board; and the procedure that must be adopted to make an appeal.More Button

Forestry Sector

Asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine: the way he can protect existing open access and recreational amenities on Coillte lands if he intends to sell the forest assets and have private operators manage the estates; his views on whether i...More Button

Food Prices

Asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine: if he will provide the latest data on agriculture inflation and the measures that are being put in place to stabilise food input and output prices after global crop failures during 2012.More Button

Medicinal Products Licensing

Asked the Minister for Health: the basis on which anti-epileptic drugs are being included in the list of medications for generic substitutions under the Health Bill 2012 in view of the concerns raised by his Department and the H...More Button