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Humphreys, Kevin

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Report of the Expert Group on the Judgment in the A, B and C v. Ireland Case: Statements (Resumed) (Continued)

I thank Deputies Mary Lou McDonald and Catherine Murphy for their contributions. I often find in debates of this nature that men should perhaps shut up and listen to women.More Button

Deputy Murphy critiqued the circumstances in which we find ourselves. This is a sensitive time in the history of the nation. Before coming to the Chamber, I listened on the monitor to Deputy McDo...More Button

I thank Sinn Féin and Deputy Clare Daly for tabling valuable motions earlier this month which allowed us to frame this debate in the context of the actions the Government must take. These motion...More Button

Abortion divides society and has been a major political issue for the past 30 years. The 1983 referendum on the eighth amendment to the Constitution was only the second campaign in which I becam...More Button

Society has come far in recent years. For the remainder of the time I lived on the housing estate in question, I had the label of "abortionist" hanging over me. The term was used in my presence...More Button

Thousands of women who must leave Ireland and travel to England for abortions do not receive any recognition. They are hidden members of our families and society - in my view society is our fami...More Button

Tonight, the House is full of men discussing the health issues of women. Progress is being made, however. The introduction of a gender quota will be an interesting and welcome development that ...More Button

I will not discuss the detail of Deputy Catherine Murphy's contribution. I am proud of the Labour Party, not of symbols such as the rose but of its members. In the previous general election, so...More Button

I do not propose to discuss the recommendations of the expert group's report. Instead, I appeal for tolerance and an understanding that others have deeply held views. A fundamental health issue...More Button

I would prefer if an equal number of male and female Deputies were present for this debate. Voting in the 1983 referendum, during which men would not drive their wives to polling stations, was n...More Button

There is no appetite to revisit this matter time and again. We must deal with the X case, but that is only the beginning and the Dáil must take a further step and address other issues, for example...More Button