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Mathews, Peter

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Harbours and Piers Funding

There is only one minute left.More Button

This will have to be just a headline answer as there is only half a minute left.More Button

Common Fisheries Policy Negotiations

Before we continue, I must let Members know I had a tasty piece of sole before I came into the Chamber. I hope it came from Dungarvan.More Button

I am glad I did something good.More Button

I am sorry to have added to the pressure.More Button

It was lovely and I recommend it.More Button

Land Reclassification

Minister, the remainder of the reply can be read into the record because there is quite a bit to go.More Button

Okay, but it lessens your time for supplementary questions.More Button

Land Reclassification (Continued)

There are only two minutes remaining for this question.More Button

Time for this question has elapsed.More Button

We must move on.More Button

Single Payment Scheme Payments

There is only one minute remaining for this question.More Button

We now move on to Question No. 7.More Button

Sugar Industry (Continued)

I must ask the Deputy-----More Button

This is out of order, Deputy. I ask Deputy Barry to resume his seat.More Button

Deputy Barry, you cannot-----More Button

The conduct of the Chamber is my responsibility.More Button

I ask the Deputy to resume his seat. The Ceann Comhairle has listed the questions for oral answer and I am obliged to deal with the questions and invite the answers.More Button

That is a discussion for outside this House.More Button

Deputy, please. I call on the Minister.More Button

Agriculture Industry Age Profile (Continued)

The Deputy's point has been well made. Will he, please, allow the Minister to respond?More Button

That would be an excellent subject for a Topical Issue debate.More Button

Grassland Sheep Scheme Application Numbers

To use a golf analogy, the Deputy is out of bounds on this question. However, the Minister seems to be willing to respond.More Button

I feel I am in Gurteen to gain an education.More Button

Grassland Sheep Scheme Application Numbers (Continued)

We must finish on that note.More Button

We have gone over time.More Button

It would have been mine too. As I said earlier, at least I got the benefit of a lovely plate of sole. I thank those who posed the questions and the Minister who replied to them. I thank the Cler...More Button

  Written Answers follow Adjournment.More Button

  The Dáil adjourned at 8.05 p.m. until 10.30 a.m. on Friday, 14 December 2012.More Button