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Boyd Barrett, Richard

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

We do not need a rainy day fund. We need a sunny day fund because the current heatwave and the warnings from Irish Water about water shortages have yet again exposed the completely decrepit state ...More Button

That is the consequence - leakage of 700 million litres a day, which is wasted because the Government has failed to invest in fixing our broken water infrastructure. Why does the Tánaiste not just...More Button

Try disputing the facts then.More Button

It is doing a really good job.More Button

Every day households in this country use 300 million l of water. Does the Tánaiste know how much leaks out of the system every day? It is 700 million l of water.More Button

I have to hand the Irish Water business plan. This is the plan of the Tánaiste's crowd and what it shows is a drop in investment from 2010 onwards, first instigated by Fianna Fáil and the Greens, ...More Button

The Irish Water business plan refers on several occasions to the decades of under-investment. That was done by Fine Gael-led and Fianna Fáil-led Governments. Have things improved slightly since t...More Button

Irish Water testified in this House in April that it needs €18 billion of investment to fix our water infrastructure.More Button

The Tánaiste said the leakage will be down to 38% by 2020. That is pathetic.More Button

That does not deal with the problem. We need to significantly increase investment in water infrastructure, which the Government has failed to do.More Button

The Labour Party did not do it.More Button

There is no evidence of that, so why does the Tánaiste keep saying it?More Button

Establishment of Special Joint Committee on Climate Action: Motion (Continued)

We will have two and a half minutes each.More Button

While we are happy to participate in this special committee, I have to say that we need more than special committees if we are to do something about Ireland's disastrous failure to address the is...More Button

There is no sign of radical action in these areas. The Citizens' Assembly made all the right recommendations, in particular a pet issue of mine which I have raised about 60 times since 2011, nam...More Button

If we invested in, and supported areas, like agroforestry, afforestation could complement Irish agriculture. We need radical action in terms of shifting towards public transport use. That would...More Button

I commend Deputy Bríd Smith's Bill, which is being discussed in committee to stop further extraction of fossil fuels here. I hope the Government will support that too.More Button

Public Sector Pay

Asked the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform: his plans to remove pay inequality for new entrants in the public sector in view of the current economic position; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Public Sector Pay (Continued)

Between 2011 and 2017 applications for second level teaching have dropped by 62%. By any measure this is a dramatic reduction in the number of people who apply to go into second level teaching. T...More Button

Consider the gap between the earnings, which is a second, lower tier of new entrants' earnings, and the costs of accommodation or being able to buy a house. This is the same generation, 25% of w...More Button

There has been some unwinding of FEMPI but at the end of the current pay agreement public sector workers will still be earning less than they were earning in 2008. This is pretty extraordinary. I...More Button

No. That is later.More Button

Heritage Bill 2016: Report Stage (Continued)

Did the Ceann Comhairle state which ones were physical alternatives to amendment No. 15?More Button

Do we not speak in the order of the amendments?More Button

I thought the Ceann Comhairle followed the order of the amendments.More Button

It is fairly bizarre that in a Bill entitled the Heritage Bill the Government would propose measures that will destroy or threaten with extinction parts of our natural heritage. Like Deputy Smith,...More Button

The point about road safety has been well made. We already have legislative provisions which ensure that local authorities can cut down hedgerows that are a danger to road safety so we simply do...More Button

When our biodiversity needs greater support and protection and certain species are under threat and need to be protected, the Government is introducing measures that will do damage. This makes a m...More Button

This should not be viewed as a debate between the environmentalists and the farmers, although it is often played out in that manner. I accept that insofar as we need to take measures to protect ...More Button

One of the amendments we tabled, which was ruled out of order - I do not know why but I will not get into that debate now - proposed establishing a proper consultation process with the various st...More Button

An email I received suggests this measure may well be in breach of the EU birds directive. Has that been properly assessed? A regulatory impact assessment was not done on this Bill. Such an as...More Button

Urban Regeneration and Housing (Amendment) Bill 2018: Second Stage [Private Members] (Continued)

I thank Deputy Wallace for putting forward this Bill. People Before Profit will support it.More Button

I thank the Deputy for highlighting, once again, the obscene issue of land-hoarding and property speculation by investors, developers and property speculators of various sorts. Indeed, I tried t...More Button

We talk often about the human misery of the housing crisis but what is not talked about enough is the flip-side of the coin of that human misery being suffered by so many of our citizens in which...More Button

I laugh with despair when I hear the Government talking about how well it is doing. Boasting about this, they state planning permissions are up by 27%. Of course, planning permission means noth...More Button

That is what is going on. A small group of people are profiteering on the backs of the misery of huge numbers of people. This Bill is attempting to impose punitive measures on that kind of specul...More Button

We are doing it all over again I am afraid.More Button

Heritage Bill 2016: Report Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

What research has been done to ensure that burning in the uplands in March will not damage bird habitats as a background to introducing this measure in this Bill? The answer is none. Under the bi...More Button

In response to Deputy Fitzmaurice, I accept the point that people who live and work on the land know much more about these things than those of us who do not. He should also accept that there is...More Button

Legislative Measures

Asked the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform: his plans to renew FEMPI legislation; when a report on same will be laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

State Properties

Asked the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform: his plans to retro-fit State buildings to conserve water; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Refugee Resettlement Programme

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: to outline the programmes available for refugees here under the EU relocation programme for permanent housing; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button