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Boyd Barrett, Richard

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

A guillotine is also being applied in respect of that legislation.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

I refer to the budget overruns and the extra cuts required as a result a few months ago. They included very significant cuts to home help hours and to the provision for personal assistants for tho...More Button

Earlier the Tánaiste rightly or wrongly ridiculed some of the Opposition for not fully scrutinising the supplementary health budget at the health committee, and I was not at the health committee, a...More Button

I thank the Leas-Cheann Comhairle. In his comments criticising the Opposition for the points they made, the Tánaiste said Deputies should do their job in scrutinising legislation and yet he is den...More Button

With the time the Tánaiste has allowed for the debate and the guillotine that will be imposed on it, we simply will not get to discuss some of the most substantive issues-----More Button

-----in this Bill that will affect the lives of struggling families, families affected by disability, children and women. That is an affront to democracy. It is an affront to the Tánaiste's promi...More Button

-----wryly all he likes, the truth is-----More Button

-----from the moment the Government imposed the guillotine on the debate it became impossible to have a serious debate on the amendments that have been put forward-----More Button

-----which could obviate the need to impose these brutal cuts.More Button

We have proposed alternative PRSI measures, fair measures, which would take the burden off people on low and middle incomes, off the unemployed and so on.More Button

I ask the Tánaiste to lift the guillotine on the debate and allow it to take place.More Button

Ask the troika can we have time for the debate.More Button

The points have largely been made. However, I make one last appeal to the Tánaiste not to play the political games that he accuses us of playing when, in fact, he is playing them.More Button

It was the Government's decision to allocate 20 hours to the Savita Halappanavar debate.More Button

That was not asked for on this side of the House. It is now apparent that it was a cynical manoeuvre on the Government's part to truncate the time allowed to debate the budget and the Social Welfa...More Button

All we are asking for is for the Government to adjust the Order of Business to allow sufficient time to discuss the specific provisions included in this Bill and the amendments submitted by the Opp...More Button

We wanted the Government to pass legislation on the matter.More Button

Social Welfare Bill 2012: Committee Stage (Resumed) and Remaining Stages (Continued)

On a point of order-----More Button

There is a point of order.More Button

That was my point of order.More Button

Say nothing.More Button

  Question proposed: "That section 5 stand part of the Bill."More Button

I will be brief. The people the Minister is hitting with this measure will also be affected by cuts to the clothing and footwear allowances, child benefit and the property tax. We are talking abo...More Button

The Minister stated there were no alternatives but when alternatives are put to her and to the Government she merely reiterates that headline allowances are being maintained and sings her own pra...More Button

They have been cut also.More Button

My apologies, but they have been cut also.More Button

They are included in the amendments.More Button

Lift the guillotine.More Button

Why does the Minister not answer the question we asked about alternatives?More Button

Reverse it.More Button

Tick, tock.More Button

Respite care.More Button

Tick, tock.More Button

Credit Union Bill 2012: From the Seanad (Continued)

I want to say the same. This has been a model exercise in how the Oireachtas should work. Organisations representing the credit union movement made their views known about the Bill initially prop...More Button

I very much welcome this amendment, which is very much in the spirit of the suggestions made by all sides of the Opposition and which were fully acknowledged by the Government both on Committee Sta...More Button

To echo Deputy Pearse Doherty's point, the credit union representatives to whom I spoke said they would find it very helpful if the requirements and obligations they must meet were set down in a si...More Button

Again, I commend the Government on this amendment. It is one of the most important moves to acknowledge explicitly in the Bill a very positive suggestion made by the credit unions. In these rathe...More Button

I agree with others that the Bill has been improved substantially by meeting some of the concerns expressed. I echo the points made about the removal of the exclusion on persons in arrears. Howev...More Button

That is a sobering thought. Where will we be in 2025?More Button

This is a considerable improvement in recognition of the concern raised by the credit unions.More Button

Given the Minister of State has provided for exceptional circumstances, I hope that, if everybody is being reasonable, the concerns expressed by the credit unions will be addressed adequately. H...More Button

I thank the Minister of State for accepting the amendment. It is regrettable that the constituent who raised the issue with me is not in the Visitors Gallery, as he has been here to follow some of...More Button

A person raised a related issue which probably does not come under the Bill. That person believes there is not an adequate procedure in place for individuals to make a case to the regulator wher...More Button

I welcome the amendment. I am sorry the individual in question is not here to see a little bit of his idea being enshrined in law. I am sure he will be very pleased, however, and that it will hav...More Button