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Nash, Ged, Nash, Ged

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Budget Statement 2021 (Continued)

We have known deadly disease on our island before. In the 1800s, the Great Hunger saw millions emigrate or die of famine, diphtheria, cholera, fever and smallpox. In the last century, TB or consu...More Button

That work should have started today. Instead, we are again papering over the cracks. In times of crisis we turn to the State. We still have some way to go before we can end our two-tier health...More Button

The time has come to reimagine this State. That is why the Labour Party has proposed a package of measures worth much more than €11 billion in capital and current spending to plug the gaps in ou...More Button

All of that being said, it would be churlish of me and my party colleagues not to recognise that there is much to welcome in this package. Who does not want to see extra resources targeted at he...More Button

The national credit card has been maxed out, but where is the money going? There is no shortage of cash, but the Labour Party knows the Government will come up short on implementation. Will the p...More Button

However, it is worth recalling the last time the VAT rate was cut for that industry that did not improve the experience of customers in terms of cost and it did not improve the experience of worker...More Button

Forty per cent of young people who are not in education or training are now unemployed and given the pressure under which the sectors they work are, there are few options available to them. We k...More Button

Young people today should be given the same kind of chance that I had in the 1990s - the chance to be the first member of my extended family to attend a university - thanks to the reforms and fre...More Button

It is deeply distressing that this Government has chosen to deprive workers of the full rate of the pandemic unemployment payment. If €350 was the floor of decency in March, it should be the flo...More Button

This budget will not go down well with continuity Fianna Fáil. One of that party's many former agriculture Ministers wants the PUP to go back up. His retreat to the backbenches has coincided wi...More Button

Turning to this Government's approach to social welfare, it seems that it believes that there are two categories of citizens on social welfare - the deserving and the undeserving. I agree that t...More Button

This Government has, yet again, failed to address the real needs of carers in this society. The rather tokenistic changes that will be made around income credits and the small addition to the re...More Button

There are also many of these low-paid workers to whom this Government continues to deny a right that almost every other European takes for granted - the right to statutory sick pay. If this is a...More Button

I also note that the Minister has allocated moneys merely to delay the rise in the pension age to 67, and where is the jobseeker's transition payment? There is no sign of the latter in the docum...More Button

The pandemic has shown that chickens have come home to roost because of years of underinvestment in public services. We have paid the price for Ireland having the lowest level of critical care b...More Button

During the first few months of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Government spent a massive €115 million per month on private hospitals, which were run at just one third of capacity. Rather than outsourc...More Button

There is also a risk of another health surge: an apocalyptic surge in non-Covid waiting lists and subsequent non-Covid deaths. We have warned about this. Deputy Kelly is blue in the face remind...More Button

In the Labour Party's alternative budget, we proposed €35 million in additional funding for cancer services, cancer screening and the cardiac care backlog. We welcome the resources that the Gove...More Button

Free GP care is also a critical component of early intervention and prevention of Covid-19 and non-Covid illnesses. We made the important first steps but Fine Gael has dragged its feet on major ...More Button

The Government’s winter plan has finally acknowledged the need to treat people in the community. Necessity is the mother of invention. However, the talk of community care we have heard in recen...More Button

Nowhere has poor policymaking and waste of public funds been more evident than in the mismanagement of our housing system by both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. Any new social contract must finally ...More Button

This budget promises much on social and affordable housing but the track record of delivery warns us to be sceptical about today's headline-grabbing announcements. By the end of June, only 1,467...More Button

The Minister, Deputy Michael McGrath, said earlier that the Government will build 9,000 social homes next year. I do not buy that for one minute. It is nowhere near the kind of resources that m...More Button

This budget continues the subsidising of the inflated house prices we are experiencing at the moment. It continues the supporting of high earners through the really bogus help-to-buy scheme. Th...More Button

As part of our new deal for renters, the Labour Party would have provided a €15 million rental arrears fund to help those in rental arrears through the worst of the crisis. We also would have re...More Button

Our vision of a new social contract is not only about building more homes, but also about sustainable communities. That is why we have proposed very significant interventions in home retrofittin...More Button

The Labour Party's alternative budget proposed to ring-fence part of the revenue from our proposed €10 increase in carbon tax - €2.50 more than the Government’s €7.50 increase - to fund a signifi...More Button

I was intrigued by the earlier references to the national economic recovery fund. A figure has been mentioned, but we are still not clear on precisely how much will be in that fund and what it w...More Button

From the figure that has been mentioned of under €4 billion and the limited details the Government has made available, the economic recovery fund stands well short of the €10 billion multi-annual...More Button

I wish to have an uncomfortable conversation about tax. By God, does this country need a grown-up conversation about it. Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael see tax as a burden that people must carry. T...More Button

However, a read of the latest figures exposes a major underlying risk. We are far too dependent on vulnerable corporation tax revenue to fund our State. One in every five euro taken in tax rece...More Button

Corporation tax is an important element, albeit not the only one, in our offering on good jobs and investment. With most of our eggs in one basket, it is dangerous that the programme for Governm...More Button

On the taxing of property, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have more in common with Sinn Féin than either would care to admit. Sinn Féin is now preparing for government, of course, and as its cowardly...More Button

I agree with the Minister for Finance's remarks about the necessity of a commission on taxation and welfare. My party has called for that for some time. We need to take a closer look under the ...More Button

I was intrigued by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform's references to the plans under the programme for Government to create a series of well-being indicators in order to monitor the ...More Button

One of the large gaps in today's budget proposition is the veritable absence of a pathway to creating a better, more decent and fairer childcare model. Ireland has the greatest reliance on priva...More Button

The Labour Party is patriotic. That does not mean that we go around waving flags at every opportunity. As a party, we are proud of the role we have played in building the institutions of the St...More Button

Today, we are in an unprecedented situation. People are worried for their health, jobs, businesses and families. It is not a time for opposition for opposition's sake. It is not a time for nak...More Button

Health Services

Asked the Minister for Health: the date on which documentation will be issued relating to confirmation of service requested by a person (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button