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Adams, Gerry

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

This State is often described as a republic. My understanding of the term "republic" is a state in which citizens have fundamental rights.More Button

Yet every day we hear of citizens whose rights are being trampled upon. Who by? By the Government. This week the Government's target is the carers and those they look after. The respite care gr...More Button

The Taoiseach must know that this latest austerity cut will cause real hardship. Beidh bille crua eile le híoc ag na daoine seo, atá ag streachailt leis an saol cheana féin. The citizens, these...More Button

I am disappointed but not surprised by the Taoiseach's answer. The question I put was very direct and straightforward. There was no need for all the fog that the Taoiseach created around it. The...More Button

The Taoiseach referred to elderly people. Naturally, some of these people who are cared for, these loved ones, are elderly people, but some are children or young adults who have severe disabilit...More Button

The Government has cut it.More Button

The Taoiseach should reverse the cut.More Button

Come on, Taoiseach.More Button

Death of Former Member: Expressions of Sympathy (Continued)

Ní raibh aithne agamsa ar P.J. Morley, ach ó bheith ag éisteacht le ceannaire Fhianna Fáil, an Taoiseach agus an Tánaiste táim fíor-bhrónach faoi sin. Fear iontach a bhí ann de réir na scéalta. B...More Button

I extend sympathy on behalf of Sinn Féin to P.J. Morley's family; his wife, Mary; his daughter, Cathy; and his sons Patrick, Enda and Brian, as well as his grandchildren and extended family circl...More Button

Aside from the public service which we have noted and to which we have paid tribute, P. J. Morley was a husband, a father and a grandfather. We do not know about the private personal life of the...More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

Ba mhaith liom ceist a chur faoi reachtaíocht atá forógraithe, ach sular leanann mé ar aghaidh le sin, ba mhaith liom cúpla focal a rá faoin Iar Theachta Dála, Ruairí Ó Brádaigh a fuair bás an mhí ...More Button

Regarding promised legislation, the programme for Government includes a commitment to introduce consolidated and reformed domestic violence legislation to address all aspects of domestic violence...More Button

Finance (Local Property Tax Repeal) Bill 2013 [Private Members]: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

Hello.More Button

No.More Button

Go raibh maith agat, a Cheann Comhairle.More Button

If the matter were not so serious, it would be very funny.More Button

The Finance (Local Property Tax Repeal) Bill is about lifting the burden of this unfair family home tax from families and households and replacing it with alternative measures to raise taxes, inc...More Button

The economy, particularly the domestic economy, is flatlined and, on top of all that, the family home tax is being imposed on citizens.

  I listened last night and tonight to Fin...More Button

-----it with the domestic rates system in the North. They must know this and if they do not-----More Button

-----they should take a run up the road and they will see, for example, that rates in the North cover a range of public services, including education - those who live there do not pay for school bo...More Button

The Deputies opposite also know that Sinn Féin blocked water charges in the North for which the rates in the Six Counties pay. Of course there are inefficiencies in the services but the rationale ...More Button

The Minister is noting the people with school books, emergency services and prescription charges. He said the troika-----More Button

-----made us do it.More Button

Before the Government parties came into office they said that they opposed this property tax. It takes no account of ability to pay or of those in negative equity; and it ignores the fact that one...More Button

It is a tax that was proposed by Fianna Fáil and now, as we see, it is being implemented by their brothers and sisters in arms, Fine Gael and Labour.More Button

The Government has also ensured that Revenue has the means to take this tax irrespective of the individual or family circumstances. Let the big bankers, the big developers and the speculators off ...More Button

-----but deduct the tax from people's social welfare benefits, from their wages, their bank accounts and even from their credit union accounts. This is the most despicable type of going after-----More Button

-----those who cannot afford it. What we have seen - it will continue to be the case, and I take no satisfaction in saying this - is that more and more people are being driven further and further ...More Button

Why could it not levy a 1% wealth tax on all net wealth over €1 million with certain exclusions?More Button

It would be based on net wealth which takes into account mortgages and loans and it protects struggling families.More Button

Sin é. Fine Gael and Labour had a choice and once again they made the wrong choice and the people will pay.More Button