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Adams, Gerry

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

Yesterday I asked the Taoiseach a number of appropriate and pertinent questions about the Government's cuts to the incomes of lower and middle-income families, to child benefit, maternity benefit a...More Button

I want to have all of these issues debated in this Chamber. I also want to have this bad budget debated in an informed way.

  My specific appeal to the Taoiseach yesterday was t...More Button

I am sure he has read in today's Irish Examiner the letter from Mr. Pat O'Mahony, husband and carer to Margaret, who wants the Taoiseach to reverse the cut to the respite care gran...More Button

The Taoiseach should respect our mandate.More Button

The Taoiseach's opening sentence gives an insight into the Government's thinking. Did the Taoiseach and his colleagues give this matter careful consideration? If he missed it, if it did not come ...More Button

I do not know Pat O'Mahony or his wife Margaret, but I know lots of people like them. Mr. O'Mahony writes this morning that the Taoiseach does not give a fiddler's for him and his wife. He is r...More Button

I am asking the Taoiseach again to reflect on this.More Button

This is not him being tough - in fact, it is the easy choice. Being tough would be standing up to the golden elites, the financiers and the big people in our society, not the small people.More Button

He invites the Taoiseach to switch places with him for a short time.More Button

What about bankers' pensions?More Button

Order of Business

This Bill is extremely controversial. The Government Deputies must have the opportunity to come in here and argue for it and we certainly want to argue against it. We have tabled a series of amen...More Button

That is misleading the Dáil.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

In every part of the State citizens are discussing this legislation at length, except in this institution, which is responsible for bringing in the legislation. The Taoiseach offered several reaso...More Button

Pre-European Council Meeting: Statements (Continued)

The Tánaiste and the Taoiseach seem to have a difference of opinion on comments made by the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Deputy Rabbitte, that the Government will not ...More Button

Sinn Féin should not need to tell the Government that this money cannot and should not be paid. The citizens of this State cannot afford it. The Government needs to be as tough on this issue as i...More Button

When the Taoiseach told citizens during last year's general election campaign that he would stand up for Ireland's interests, he meant this part of Ireland. As I have said previously, geography ...More Button

It seems that the ability of the State to exit the troika programme in 2013 and return to the markets in 2014 will depend in large part on whether a creditable deal on banking debt can be secured...More Button

The Taoiseach mentioned the road map that the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, the President of the European Commission, the President of the European Central Bank and the Pr...More Button

Last month, the EU leaders failed to agree a new seven-year budget. The Government will have to take up this challenge in the new year when it assumes the Presidency of the EU. The German Chanc...More Button

As I said in my opening remarks, Sinn Féin has been saying from the outset that this debt should not be paid. One of the first things the Government did when it came into office was pay a €3.1 b...More Button

The issue of Palestine needs to be raised at the forthcoming summit. The conflict in Gaza was intensifying at the time of the last EU summit. Like all Members of the House, I welcomed the recen...More Button

I would like to conclude by asking the Taoiseach to raise the de Silva report on the Pat Finucane case, which was published today, formally and informally at the forthcoming summit. I have asked...More Button

Report on Murder of Pat Finucane

I wish to commend the family of Pat Finucane on their courage and diligence in demanding a public inquiry into his killing. I want to be very mindful of all those who have died or been injured as ...More Button

Report on Murder of Pat Finucane (Continued)

The de Silva review into Pat Finucane's death in February 1989 concludes that there was no overarching state conspiracy but accepts there was collusion by British state agencies. It could not have...More Button

The report reveals some of the extent to which there was collusion, but it does not diminish the need for a public inquiry. On the contrary, it makes such an inquiry more necessary than ever. C...More Button

At Weston Park the British agreed with the Irish Government to invite Judge Peter Cory to determine the need for an inquiry. He concluded that an inquiry was warranted, but the British Governmen...More Button

No more than anybody else here, I have not read the full report. However, I was briefed on it by Paul Maskey, one of our MPs, who went to London and had prepublication notice of the report. Let u...More Button

With respect, I find it remarkable to stand here and listen to the Tánaiste say that David Cameron has shown remarkable determination to get to the truth. He has done no such thing. He tore up ...More Button

We cannot behave as a junior partner on this. The relationship between this part of the island and successive Governments with Britain has been that of junior partner to the British Government. ...More Button

Confidence in the Government: Motion (Resumed) [Private Members] (Continued)

Ask Deputy Róisín Shortall about that.More Button

What are you about?More Button

The Minister has just left, but I wanted to tell him that the reason Deputy Doherty was not around was that he buried his father over the summer. I ask the Minister's colleagues to please convey t...More Button

I was just listening to the Minister, Deputy Rabbitte, late of Sinn Féin, Official Sinn Féin, Sinn Féin - The Workers' Party, The Workers' Party, New Agenda, Democratic Left and now the Labour Part...More Button

Tonight, families are sitting back to count and try to calculate how much they have. They are trying to work out which bills they can pay and which bills they cannot pay. They are looking at thei...More Button

The Government told us in June that the European Stability Mechanism would deal with legacy bank debt. The Tánaiste said firmly on more than one occasion that it would be Labour's way or Frankfu...More Button

The budget does not include any ideas on how to-----More Button

-----reduce unemployment or get the economy off the ropes.More Button

The Deputies opposite do not want to hear. I ask them to listen so they might learn something.More Button

This punitive and cruel budget will increase financial hardship and poverty for tens of thousands of families. Child benefit is a universal payment that is made to the children of the State. The ...More Button

-----to a Proclamation that said the Republic would cherish "all the children of the nation equally". The Democratic Programme of the First Dáil, which was drafted by Thomas Johnson, who was anoth...More Button

-----to include two locations in his constituency and has closed public nursing home beds while engaged in the business of private nursing home industry. What about the election pledge that the Mi...More Button

When the former Minister of State, Deputy Shortall, drew attention to a scandal involving the Minister for Health, the Labour Party leadership looked the other way. I hope the Ministers of State w...More Button

The Tánaiste today expressed his admiration for David Cameron's "determination to get to the truth" about Pat Finucane. I remind the House that the de Silva report was about stopping the Finucane ...More Button

They should take the patriotic choice, which is to take a walk - go - in the interests of the people.More Button

Banking Sector Regulation

Asked the Minister for Finance: further to the announcement that Irish Bank Resolution Corporation is to sue a company (details supplied) for actions it took during its time as auditors of the bank in advance of its nationalisati...More Button

Asked the Minister for Finance: further to Parliamentary Question No. 75 on the 28 November 2012, if he will explain the reason it would be commercially sensitive for Bank of Ireland to reveal the sought after information when th...More Button

Asked the Minister for Finance: further to Parliamentary Questions Nos. 76 and 77 of 28 November 2012, if he will explain the reason it is the case that PTSB, AIB and the National Asset Management Agency, three State owned instit...More Button

Mortgage Arrears Proposals

Asked the Minister for Finance: further to Parliamentary Question No. 70 on 28 November 2012, if in view of the changed banking environment in Ireland since 1991 he intends to legislate to protect homeowners in the event a financ...More Button

Banking Sector Remuneration

Asked the Minister for Finance: further to Parliamentary Question No. 70 of the 28 November 2012, the reason it is the case that the increase in pay for Irish Bank Resolution Corporation employees which according to the chairman ...More Button

Asked the Minister for Finance: further to Parliamentary Question No. 72 of 28 November 2012, if he will detail the cumulative salary cost to Irish Bank Resolution Corporation for the estimated 230 full-time people in IBRC workin...More Button

NAMA Operations

Asked the Minister for Finance: further to Parliamentary Question No. 73 of the 28 November 2012, if he will explain the reason the other State debt management and collection agency, National Asset Management Agency discloses the...More Button

Institutes of Technology Issues

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: if Dundalk Institute of Technology will suffer any cuts to funding or resources as a result of spending cuts in budget 2013. More Button

Respite Care Services

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: the number of recipients of the respite care grant in County Louth.More Button

Community Employment Schemes Places

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: how the additional 2,000 community employment schemes announced in budget 2013 will be allocated. More Button

Hospital Staff Issues

Asked the Minister for Health: further to Parliamentary Question No. 1136 of 6 November 2012, if a breakdown for the agency and overtime usage across all disciplines in the Louth Meath Hospital Group exists; when the breakdown w...More Button

Home Help Service Provision

Asked the Minister for Health: if he has data which is more recent that September 2012 in relation to the number of home help hours being supplied to persons in Couunty louth and if so if he will supply those figures.More Button