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Doherty, Pearse

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Credit Union Bill 2012: From the Seanad (Continued)

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Deputy Michael McGrath's question relates to one of our key concerns about the Bill. We are at the final stage of the debate on it. I want to commend the Minister for Finance, Deputy Michael Noon...More Button

As the Minister of State said, this is an issue that exercised me, my party and the credit union movement as well as many other Opposition Deputies on Committee Stage. I want to put on record that...More Button

Amendment No. 19 gives the Central Bank and the registrar of credit unions broad regulatory powers. I am not objecting to that, because it is the purpose of the Bill. However, I have made the arg...More Button

I thank the Minister of State for responding positively to the request to put this amendment in the Bill, as tabled by me on Committee and Report Stages. I would have preferred a more explicit sta...More Button

As the Bill passes into law, I acknowledge the Minister of State's comment that he is open to meeting the credit union movement. It is now up to the movement to step up to the mark. It has been...More Button

I am not at all happy with amendments Nos. 35 and 95 for two reasons. The first of these reasons relates to the general exclusion which prevents voluntary assistants in credit unions from serving ...More Button

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  Seanad amendment agreed to.More Button

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the fact that this section has been changed to a substantial degree. There is no doubt about that. Consequently, many of the concerns that were voiced have ...More Button

The second matter about which I am concerned relates to the exclusion of a staff member of a credit union from serving on the board of another credit union. There was a way to do this in the con...More Button

I strongly support the other amendments that have been put forward in this regard. I refer, in particular, to amendment No. 36, which relates to circumstances in which a person is in arrears and...More Button

This is the only part of the Bill to which I am strongly opposed. Amendment No. 35 is actually better then the provision contained in the Bill, but it does not go far enough. That is why I wish...More Button

My final point relates to amendment No. 124, which is in a later group. That amendment is relevant to the matter under discussion because it deals with the exemption clause I suggested on Commit...More Button

 Amendment No. 124 deals with that issue to a certain degree.More Button

It allows for the Central Bank asking the credit union to appoint an additional person and the term limits are waived.More Button

It deals with the term limits issue in one way. I will discuss this matter further when we come to that group of amendments. However, it does not deal with the issue of a voluntary worker or a pe...More Button

I do not support term limits. The credit union movement is a democratic movement. In the same way that this institution, a democratic one, does not have term limits, credit unions should not have...More Button

Consider the circumstances if we add up the exclusions that exist in terms of voluntary assistance, employees of other credit unions and account for the real and necessary requirements we place o...More Button

The legislation does address my concerns in regard to the points on directors. We could have given full discretion to the Central Bank in respect of a voluntary member of staff or a member of st...More Button

Departmental Correspondence

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: if he will respond to the correspondence sent to him from a member of the public (details supplied) in County Donegal; if he will consider the request made to him; and if he will make a statement o...More Button