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McGrath, Mattie

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

I, too, wish the Taoiseach a happy birthday. I hope his colleagues will help him to cut the cake. There is, however, little on which I can compliment him. More than two years ago Fine Gael recei...More Button

Today we will witness the annual charade that is the Bank of Ireland AGM, a charade in which shareholder power is held up to mockery and the real power of the vultures and the board will once aga...More Button

The Taoiseach's response to Deputy Mary Lou McDonald was just idle words because we know nothing is happening. This annual salary package is only €157,000 short of the €1 million the Minister for ...More Button

Do not get me stuck on the banks issue. Deputy Arthur Spring was there himself.More Button

It is welcome that the Deputy is concerned about pay now.More Button

The AGM presents the Minister for Finance, Deputy Michael Noonan, with an opportunity to stand up on behalf of taxpayers on the issue of bankers' outrageous salaries.More Button

However, the Minister bottled it. He could have used the Government's 15% shareholding to vote against the proposal which is certain to be passed now.More Button

Is the Taoiseach prepared to defend the cowardice and inaction of the Minister? The Minister will vote in favour of every other resolution, including those on the re-election of Mr. Boucher, Mr. A...More Button

I will put my question, if I am allowed to do so.More Button

Does the Taoiseach intend to stand over the cowardice on the part of the Minister? The then Minister for Finance, Deputy Lenihan, God be good to him, said that if they would not do it themselves, ...More Button

Will he legislate for it or stop this outrageous charade that is going on in the Burlington Hotel today and all over our country? Have we become a refuge for failed bankers from other countries?More Button

The Taoiseach is good at it himself.More Button

History.More Button

What else is it?More Button

The Taoiseach has a short memory. I remember he and his party voting-----More Button

Can I speak? I have always acknowledged that I made a mistake in voting for the bank guarantee but the Taoiseach voted for-----More Button

It does not make it okay.More Button

I am; I am just correcting the record and stating the facts. The Taoiseach and all those on his Front Bench and his backbenchers or those who were Members at the time, voted for it.More Button

Unlike his colleagues, the sheep on the Labour Party benches are making noises, but what will they do? What action will they take?More Button

How can the Taoiseach or the Minister, Deputy Noonan, possibly retain any shred of credibility? The Minister has a 15% shareholding in the bank on behalf taxpayers and he had the opportunity to do...More Button

I have one question. Is the Government beholden to Mr. Boucher?More Button

He gave the Government a dig out last year in regard to the promissory notes. Is the Government totally beholden to him? Is the Government to be beholden to him or to the troika, our European col...More Button

The Government members are embarrassing themselves. Are they beholden to Mr. Boucher to the extent that they allow him to have a reckless-----More Button

I did not. This matter is being discussed at the moment down in the Burlington Hotel.More Button

It is covered in every newspaper. Are we going to be silenced in here and let the bankers ravage our country?More Button

I stood up for what I felt was wrong.More Button

They are waiting for the Taoiseach to come back with Deputy Hayes.More Button

Answer the question.More Button

What happened in the case of the lady the Taoiseach brought into the bank who wanted to take out a mortgage?More Button

What about the lady the Taoiseach brought into the bank in Meath to get a mortgage? What did she get?More Button

Live horse and you will get grass.More Button

He had his chance this morning at the AGM.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

On the Water Services (Amendment) Bill, I ask the Taoiseach - I am glad the Minister is in the Chamber - if the Government will make any effort to ensure small contractors and self-employed persons...More Button

It is not. It is very important to have a debate on the issue.More Button

Of course, it has. There was a promise that small contractors-----More Button

On the Children First Bill, the Government has ignored the Supreme Court's decision. Where is the Bill? When will the Government address the Supreme Court's decision in the McCrystal case?More Button

The Taoiseach will be the former Fine Gael man very soon.More Button

Non-Use of Motor Vehicles Bill 2013: Second Stage (Continued)

I am delighted the Acting Chairman, Deputy Tom Hayes, is in the Chair to give me an easy run when I am speaking. He is a fellow Tipperary man. It will not be very hard at all and I will try to be...More Button

I have many concerns about this Bill. Having listened to some of the previous speakers, I wish we were living in a really nice world in which everything was rosy and dandy, in which there were n...More Button

I must declare I have a number of vans. Deputy Tom Hayes will know this. He tried to count them but never got around to it. It is not that he is not able to count or anything like that. He ju...More Button

Let us examine the matter from the perspective of farm contractors, plant hire companies and builders. Most of the builders we know had a hole in their pants 20 years ago and had nothing. Fair ...More Button

They live in hope that as promised by the Government the rising tide will lift all boats. As far as I can see, the tide is continually out, the boats are sinking lower and no one seems to care a d...More Button

The assumption of many previous speakers, including the Minister of State, is that half the people of this country are crooks and half of all members of the Garda Síochána are as bad, which is ou...More Button

In the real world, if a vehicle or machine breaks down or is unsuitable for a job the owner has to hire another one. I could give a thousand examples. Vehicles used as taxis and parked on the s...More Button

Reference was made earlier to civil servants having to go abroad for work. What about the former construction workers who have gone abroad in search of work and have left their wives, families, ...More Button

The Minister of State mentioned in his speech that for a long time people have been overcharged on arrears and that repaying that money would be too complex a process. Have we gotten so arrogant...More Button

I am. I am pointing out that when one gets away with robbing millions it is easy to rob thousands from people. The figures are in the Minister of State's speech. This is unbelievable. Surely if...More Button

They have the attitude that they are the people who cannot be touched. Some of those people were exempted from having to pay the pension levy when lies were told to the late Minister, Deputy Lenih...More Button

There is a need for a deterrent, and we must have deterrents but the deterrent is the law enforced by the Garda Síochána. One is stopped at checkpoints by the Garda. There are toll bridges. Th...More Button

I met a builder from Dublin last week who has no work but when he gets a job he needs to use his vehicle to load equipment. I want a system brought in, for which I have lobbied, and on which I i...More Button

Those are the types of people we are supposed to be supporting. With every initiative introduced since the Government came into office there has been talk of supporting small businesses. If it ...More Button

We dealt with the Companies Bill last night which runs to 1,300 pages. It costs €109 to buy it. As I said, one would buy ten of Shane Ross's books and 15 of the late Maeve Binchy's books, God b...More Button

Similarly in the case of the driver's licence, people were able to obtain a driver's licence in many councils on completion of the required form and payment of the required fee. We had a great r...More Button

This Bill is a shambles if we cannot put a system in place under it that will allow people to pay their motor tax as they go. People who have a combine harvester or a forest harvester use those ...More Button

The biggest breach of faith of all, and it was referred to in the context of the changes we lobbied for in 2008, was when people took a leap of faith and bought a new low emissions car because th...More Button

Of course, but the tax was increased. They did not have them in 1966. They might have had the horse-drawn one. The Government hardly taxed the horses and carriages. They had a horse-drawn one a...More Button

The Minister of State is making an interesting comment but I cannot hear him. Every vehicle on the road must be taxed. One would think from what speakers have said that half the county was drivin...More Button

Water and Sewerage Schemes Provision

Asked the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government: further to parliamentary question No. 186 on 18 April 2013, if he will provide the information sought in the second part of the question, specifically, if the residents of this area who are subject...More Button