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McGrath, Mattie

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

What about Greece?More Button

There are hungry people here too. They cannot live on rabbit.More Button

Financial Resolution No. 15: General (Resumed) (Continued)

By God, it did.More Button

Fine Gael gave Labour a hand.More Button

Labour had its own way.More Button

Sucked it in and blew it out.More Button

Including the Minister, Deputy Hogan.More Button

It is a farce.More Button

What conscience?More Button

He knows too.More Button

She is a principal.More Button

There is great value in the Taoiseach's speeches.More Button

They are taxing the hearse.More Button

The Government is taxing the hearse.More Button

It will be the shroud next.More Button

Can you not go over behind him if-----More Button

It is not working.More Button

SUSI went on holidays.More Button

Except for Big Phil.More Button

Report of the Expert Group on the Judgment in the A, B and C v. Ireland Case: Statements (Resumed) (Continued)

I too am pleased to be able to speak on this very difficult and challenging issue for our society.

  When the expert group was set up I commented that expert groups are usually m...More Button

Who better to talk to about any life situation than a mother who has given birth once, twice, three, four times, sometimes more, and is living with the day to day issues of running a family, rearin...More Button

This is not even to mention that the medical science of psychiatry does not consider abortion as a treatment for suicidal indication in pregnancy. On the contrary, there is a growing consensus tha...More Button

We must make haste slowly and give the matter careful consideration. We cannot be bullied or pushed by this frenzy and we cannot be forced. I appeal to the media and the programme makers. I ha...More Button

We cannot be bullied and while we can have this debate, we must await the outcome of all the investigations. In the fullness of time when we have done the investigations I hope the Indian media,...More Button

I have heard reports that members of staff of University Hospital Galway and their parents have been subjected to all kinds of allegations. We are not a democracy if we are going to be pushed in...More Button

I thank the Acting Chairman for his forbearance. I add my voice to the call for cool, calm reflection. We should await the outcome. I salute those working at UHG because we cannot throw the ba...More Button

Bank Codes of Conduct

I thank the Leas-Cheann Comhairle and Ceann Comhairle, as well as the Minister of States for his attendance. This is the most grave topic I have ever encountered. I spoke on this issue 13 months ...More Button

-----and Mr. Gordon Hill, recoveries manager-----More Button

-----and Ms Rachel Ellis. No, I am going to name them because they need to be named and outed.More Button

I met these people during the week and I wish to state that I am grateful to the staff at Friends First who met us, looked after us and were very kind to us, but not these people, who would not giv...More Button

They had no identification, no security tags and are not Garda-checked. Moreover, the Garda Síochána are not prepared to deal with them and are unable to so do. I am not attacking the gardaí as t...More Button

I wish to finish.More Button

Obviously, we were told that it is a salvage company.More Button

No, one is told this was done by a salvage company based in Northern Ireland but it was militia-style. The company is called Salvage Direct and when one checks them on Google, one is told it has l...More Button

Bank Codes of Conduct (Continued)

I have said what I said. The people in suits orchestrating this did not get where they are by being nice. During my occupation last Tuesday of my own bank in Kilcash in my own count I got calls f...More Button

The Minister of State spoke about a code of practice. Why did it take from 1989 for the code of practice to be implemented in 2012? We are looking at it again. Codes of practice mean virtually...More Button

The Minister of State is a businessman and knows about the effects of this serious trauma. This practice must stop before somebody is seriously injured or killed. Our people are bailing out the...More Button

I appeal to the Minister of State as a business person of some repute with much experience. He knows what is going on. We have a legitimate Garda force and an Army. We cannot have a third forc...More Button