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McGrath, Michael

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Public Service Pay Commission Reports

This question relates to the work of the Public Service Pay Commission on the issue of recruitment and retention in the Defence Forces. The purpose of it is to get an update from the Minister for ...More Button

Public Service Pay Commission Reports (Continued)

As the Minister will know, the numbers in the Defence Forces continue to fall. I understand that the current number is 8,874, which is below the threshold of 9,000 the Government indicated it woul...More Button

The fundamental question is when the Government expects the matter to move on. I understand the Minister's determination to uphold the integrity of the public service stability agreement, which I ...More Button

Brexit Preparations

This question relates to what extra supports may be available from Europe for Ireland in the context of Brexit, which we will be discussing all week. This relates to the adverse scenario, a no-dea...More Button

It goes without saying that this is a scenario that none of us wants or expects to see happen but it is certainly a possibility. Will the Minister outline to the House any specifics of what Europe...More Button

The commitment of support from the European Union is to be welcomed. There has been strong solidarity among our European partners on the issue of Brexit, so that should be acknowledged. These wor...More Button

Public Sector Pensions Legislation

This question concerns the Public Service Superannuation (Age of Retirement) Act 2018, specifically the interim measure that was agreed for those public servants who reached the age of 65 before th...More Button

The Minister of State has said that those who availed of the interim measure and had to retire at the age of 65, because that is what their contract provided for, understood that they would be rehi...More Button

Maybe the Minister of State could clarify what the report is examining. What does he expect it to address? Obviously he does not know what the content is but what are the issues that the report i...More Button

Flood Relief Schemes Funding (Continued)

I assure the Minister of State that every line Minister contributing to the €99 million required in savings or cuts is being questioned about how it is going to be done. The Minister of State is n...More Button

To be clear, at the joint committee the Minister of State said that the €3 million cut or saving will not delay any project and that the savings will be achieved because projects were being delayed...More Button

Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Consequential Provisions) Bill 2019: Committee Stage (Continued)

For the measures that are dealt with in the legislation here, I ask the Minister to highlight if there are changes to the status quo. My understanding is that in essence these sections are ...More Button

If I understand the Minister correctly, he is saying that all these provisions will be reviewed in the normal way as the Oireachtas would do through the budgetary process and the finance Bill. How...More Button

I wish to put my understanding of what the Minister said on the record. My interpretation is that what has been captured here is exhaustive from the perspective of the Department and that the Mini...More Button

I thank the Minister for these amendments. On amendment No. 42 on duty free, as I understand it, if the Minister did not bring in this amendment then the default position would be that duty free w...More Button

The amendments are grouped.More Button

On the policy point, is it the Government's position that, notwithstanding what other European countries may do on the question of duty free, it intends to align its position with the UK's? Is tha...More Button

If this scenario comes to pass, will the Minister be open to further assessment and evaluation of the question and the ramifications? What we have from his Department is just a one-page note that ...More Button

The financial services area is a topic we have discussed at length in recent months in the context of Brexit preparedness. These sections essentially provide for a temporary run off regime so that...More Button

Mortgage Lending

Asked the Minister for Finance: if there are guidelines in relation to the way in which banks treat mortgage applicants who receive their principal employment income in a non-Euro currency such as sterling; and if he will make a ...More Button

Investor Compensation Company Limited

Asked the Minister for Finance: the position in relation to compensation for investors who lost significant amounts arising from their investment in a fund (details supplied); the position of the Central Bank in relation to the i...More Button

Public Sector Pensions Levy

Asked the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform: the number of persons paying the pension-related deduction in each year since it was introduced; the revenue received in each year since it was introduced; the number and references to each circula...More Button

Third Level Fees

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: if third-level institutions have the discretion to apply EU fees rather than non-EU fees to persons here with a stamp 2 visa; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Garda Deployment

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: the locations in which the 2,400 newly qualified gardaí since September 2014 have been assigned; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Pensions Data

Asked the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection: the estimated value of unclaimed private pension funds in existence; and if she will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Pension Fund Data

Asked the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection: the estimated value of unclaimed life assurance funds in existence; and if she will make a statement on the matter.More Button