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Ross, Shane

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

I note the comments the Taoiseach made to Deputy Adams on growth. My question is about the growth figures he quoted because yesterday the International Monetary Fund, IMF, had some telling things ...More Button

Yesterday, the IMF urged the Government not to impose austerity cuts in future budgets because the growth figures were so dismal. That is underlined by the figure of 0.2% for the third quarter q...More Button

The issue is very straightforward. I take the point of the Taoiseach, when decoded, about urging Europe to take a softer line and saying that Europe should meet its obligations to Ireland. I hope...More Button

Finance (Local Property Tax) Bill 2012: Committee Stage (Continued)

I have listened to what the other Deputies have had to say. Deputy Joe Higgins may represent a very different electorate from me but when he says there will be resistance to this tax, he is right....More Button

The Government has almost unprecedentedly managed to unite middle Ireland, people who are quite prosperous, people on middle incomes and people on lower incomes because this tax is a sledge-hammer ...More Button

The Minister should realise this is possibly a tipping point where he will see resistance which he did not anticipate. There is nothing more guaranteed to garner and unite opposition to the Gove...More Button

I was not an advocate or supporter of the household charge resistance campaign but it was effective in one way because it showed there is a tipping point for a large number of people whereby they...More Button

I cannot understand why the Government did not realise the pain it is imposing on people with this. Everybody in their constituencies comes across this on a daily basis and it is extraordinary. ...More Button

It is disgraceful what is happening here today. I understand what the Minister said about bombast, but it was his Government which refused to give us time to discuss this on Second Stage. This ...More Button

As several speakers have said, this is not a tax on property exclusively. It is a tax, as Deputy Doherty and other stated, on debt. Perhaps in his reply the Minister will be able to give us ano...More Button

The idea of a deferral is further hypocrisy and cruelty because it is saying to those who defer they cannot afford it, which they cannot as otherwise they would not defer. Only those in dire str...More Button

It is fair to say those in Dublin, Cork and urban areas have not been treated fairly. It would be only reasonable to have a debate at least on this aspect.More Button

I know and I am explaining why the Title is wrong and I will elaborate on it. Section 1 is about whether it is a local property Bill and I am addressing the issue.More Button

The issue of whether people in Dublin and other urban areas or in areas where property is more valuable than an identical or similar property in a rural or another area is fair to debate and shou...More Button

Finance (Local Property Tax) Bill 2012: Committee Stage (Resumed) and Remaining Stages (Continued)

Hear, hear.More Button

Pupil-Teacher Ratio

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: if he will bring forward any derogation for fee-charging protestant secondary schools from the two point increase in pupil teacher ratio, in view of the fact that the ultimate impact of this change...More Button

Job Initiatives

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: if she will consider expanding the JobBridge scheme along the lines of the noted German Dual Vocational Training System; her plans for the scheme over the coming year; and if she will make a statem...More Button

Household Charge Collection

Asked the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government: the number of house holders who have not paid the 2012 household charge; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button