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Twomey, Liam

Friday, 14 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Finance (Local Property Tax) Bill 2012: Second Stage (Continued)

Many people have had a good deal to say about this property tax. A good property tax will be progressive, help to keep property prices stable in the long term and encourage the appropriate use of ...More Button

It is difficult to discuss this in our national Parliament because the angry man politics of recent days does not encourage us to believe there could be a reasonable debate. As a matter of inter...More Button

We understand what people are suffering. We understand that concerns have been raised about the property tax and many of the other budget measures. However, at least we are trying to give a fai...More Button

The issue is the quality of the debate from Deputy Higgins. It is absolute nonsense and it makes absolutely no sense. It is voodoo economics with no solutions and nothing solid, only lectures abo...More Button

We are trying to find proper solutions. Why does Deputy Higgins not put forward a balanced budget and shows us what he believes in?More Button

We will do so. I have read the Sinn Féin website. I hope there is more clarity than on the Sinn Féin website where there was no clarity. It is anti-democratic to use the Dáil Chamber to stoke fe...More Button

We know that many people in negative equity will face a serious crisis with regard to how they will pay this property tax. There will be some solutions produced beyond what the Minister has prop...More Button

Those in Sinn Féin must think that no one in Derry listens to the "Six-one" news show. People in Derry are paying £1,500 for what is basically a property tax. The same party down here maintains...More Button

I had expected to say more about it but there is no possibility of holding a reasonable debate in the House, of discussing how to impose rates on businesses, how to tax the profits of businesses,...More Button