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Ó Snodaigh, Aengus

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Business of Dáil (Continued)

On a point of order, the Taoiseach made two proposals. One was to extend-----More Button

I will deal with that point in a minute. The proposal involves a change to an order that was made at the last sitting, which suggests that the House can alter the arrangements for today or 6 April.More Button

But-----More Button

We put-----More Button

If the Ceann Comhairle is putting the Taoiseach's proposal, the House can move amendments to the effect of returning earlier or later than 6 April or ordering the business for the rest of that day....More Button

The Deputy is the biggest show-boater in the Dáil.More Button

That was some waffle.More Button

There was a proposal earlier by my leader that the Order for today be changed. You said that the only person who could make that change was the Taoiseach and that the Dáil could then agree to it.More Button

In fact, what he said-----More Button

There is a proposal before us and we have suggested an amendment to it. The amendment is that the business set down the last day, 10 March, not be taken today and that a motion on water charges th...More Button