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Ó Snodaigh, Aengus

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Confidence in the Government: Motion (Resumed) [Private Members] (Continued)

Ask Deputy Pat Rabbitte about opportunism.More Button

We made our case then.More Button

We had already made our case.More Button

That is a bit rich coming from the expert on soundbites.More Button

Like cutting child benefit.More Button

Like cutting child benefit.More Button

The Government took it out of their pockets.More Button

The Government is making it worse.More Button

The Tánaiste is overheating.More Button

Backwards.More Button

Auf wiedersehen.More Button

What is he talking about?More Button

Does Deputy Rabbitte know the song "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire"?More Button

He never went away, you know.More Button

We heard that one before.More Button

The Deputy is too young to remember.More Button

Perhaps the Minister of State gets bored very easily, but he should listen.More Button

In that case, the Ministers of State should leave like the rest of the Government Deputies have done.More Button

I can give the Minister of State our document if he wants to read it.More Button

They should take a hike.More Button

Social Welfare Bill 2012: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

The Bill will not be passed tonight.More Button

Not in this Bill.More Button

That time was not allocated for the debate on this Bill.More Button

What happened this morning did not interfere with the debate on the Social Welfare Bill.More Button

The time that was allocated was-----More Button

We are talking about overpayments.More Button

The leader of the Labour Party used not do so.More Button

What about the fascists-----More Button

The Minister is encouraging us to interrupt her.More Button

As a teller in the previous vote, I would like to give an opportunity to those in the Labour Party, in particular, and those in Fine Gael who-----More Button

We can speak all night if the-----More Button

Even better. If you want-----More Button

We are just hearing more blather from the Labour Party who want to close down the debate. If Deputies want the opportunity-----More Button

-----to cast their votes again in order that their consciences would be clean and that they do not have to go on the walk of shame, I give them that opportunity to vote by other than electronic mea...More Button

Social Welfare Bill 2012: Committee Stage

I move amendment No. 1:More Button

Social Welfare Bill 2012: Committee Stage (Continued)

It also provides Deputies in the Chamber now with an opportunity to speak at an early stage about the other provisions in the Bill, including the cut in the respite care grant. While there has bee...More Button

Few people, including those in the media, have to date commented on other changes such as the cut in entitlement to jobseeker's benefit by three months for some people because they might not qual...More Button

Welfare is supposed to protect and support people. Rather than supporting people, this legislation undermines their ability to survive out of poverty. The Minister mentioned those at risk of po...More Button

I did not expect to be dealing with these amendments so early in the proceedings but seeing as the Minister has elaborated on them-----More Button

I think the Minister was responding to me on the issues I raised.More Button

Yes. They relate to the insertion of the phrase "Pensions and Miscellaneous Provisions". I accept the Minister's argument about the inclusion of the word "pensions" but redundancy payments do not...More Button

On the points raised by the Minister, I did not say I was opposed to the household budgeting measures. All I said was that I would prefer a longer period to discuss them.More Button

As the Minister acknowledged, these are technically challenging measures. Our experience in constituency offices and councils suggests that we could identify solutions to problems that may emerge ...More Button

This is a potential solution for people who may not be able to manage their money properly. We have, for example, asked that rent supplement be paid directly to the landlord. Similarly, some pe...More Button

We do, however, put a different emphasis on overpayment and error. I recognise that overpayments should be recovered but I am being a realist in proposing an amnesty. The Minister admitted that...More Button

I withdraw it and we can discuss the issues arising if we ever reach the relevant section.More Button

  Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.More Button

These are technical amendments to allow for future amendments. I will not delay on this now, but hopefully we will have time to focus in on these properly. This is why I have argued for a lot mor...More Button

Defence Forces Ombudsman Appointment

Asked the Minister for Defence: the reason the Ombudsman for the Defence Forces will now be a part time position; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button