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English, Damien

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Care Services: Motion (Resumed) [Private Members] (Continued)

I welcome the opportunity to speak on the motion, which covers a wide range of services, needs and desires of carers. I agree with much of the motion. Regardless of what happened in the budget, t...More Button

"Design a service" are the actual words used. We need to design a plan for each person. More Button

We must look at the overall spend on caring for people with disabilities, the elderly and people with various ailments. We can do more with the available money. The people who need the money sp...More Button

I have worked in the accounts end of the old health boards and I have seen all the categories, cost centres and places where money is spent. There is not much joined-up thinking across those sec...More Button

In a debate on another issue last week, I said we need to use our imagination but we also need to hear from everyone in the service how things can be done better. Money is going to waste and som...More Button

I will focus on a number of key areas. At the time of the budget some carers came to my office to protest. I met 15 or 16 carers, along with 15 or 16 activists from Sinn Féin who joined in for ...More Button

The majority of people who have contacted me on this issue, and I have spoken to hundreds, are people with disabilities and their carers. I accept that care for the elderly is vital and their ca...More Button

This convinces me even more that me must look at the overall package. There is a duty on all of us, even with tough budgets, to find ways to get people the services they need. Respite care need...More Button

Respite has become expensive in the last number of years, and it should not be so. The overall package and services are what concern people.More Button

We do not listen sufficiently to parents and carers. Not enough common sense is built into our systems and this has been building up over a long number of years. We must bring back common sense...More Button

There are plenty of staff working in the public sector who could be switched over to the areas where there are backlogs, whether in medical cards, domiciliary care allowance, carer's allowance or...More Button

I said when I was in opposition and I say now that we must provide a single place where a carer can go to find services. A carer of a child with a disability should be able to go to one place an...More Button

We have a duty to do more. It is not just about money. It is about reforming our systems and getting them right. I hope this debate will feed into that. We will get there if we continue to fo...More Button