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O'Sullivan, Jan

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Local Authority Housing Evictions

I thank Deputy Ellis for raising this matter. I found the issues he raised most interesting. Each housing authority is responsible, under section 58 of the Housing Act 1966, for the management an...More Button

I wish to set out the position on the law under which local authorities repossess their dwellings following termination of tenancies. Section 62 of the Housing Act 1966 currently sets out a summ...More Button

Nonetheless, I have reviewed section 62 of the 1966 Act in consultation with the Office of the Attorney General and housing authorities and the housing (miscellaneous provisions) Bill currently b...More Button

The legislation currently going through the Oireachtas will bring tenants of approved housing bodies under the remit of the PRTB. In future, we wish to bring local authority tenants under the sa...More Button

Local Authority Housing Evictions (Continued)

As the Deputy said, this is a balance we have to strike. There are some cases in which people make the lives of the people who live around them a misery. As the Deputy will be aware, we will make...More Button

I am in the course of preparing the housing Bill, which will be published and debated here before the summer recess. We will address the issue covered in section 62 of the Housing Act, which was...More Button

There are individual cases, as the Deputy said, that are distressing for the people concerned, but it is a question of getting the balance right. In the small number of cases in which people cau...More Button

Housing Adaptation Grant Funding

The changes to the terms and conditions governing the suite of Housing Adaptation Grants for Older People and People with a Disability were made on foot of the report of a review group, established...More Button

There has been no change to the maximum grant available under the Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability, which remains at €30,000, or the Mobility Aids Grant, which remains at €6,...More Button

Changes have also been made with regard to the assessment of means of applicants. To bring it into line with the means assessment for applicants for social housing, all household members’ income,...More Button

I have increased the level of funding available for the grant schemes by 12% to €38.4 million in 2014. Every local authority has been allocated increased funding for grants compared to the initia...More Button

Unfinished Housing Developments

I am chairing the National Co-ordination Committee on Unfinished Housing Developments to oversee implementation of the Report of the Advisory Group on Unfinished Housing Developments, together with...More Button

The Public Safety Initiative provides funding only in instances where a developer has abandoned the development. However, in circumstances where the developer is merely inactive the responsibilit...More Button

Budget 2014 contains a special provision, in the form of a targeted €10m Special Resolution Fund (SRF), to assist further in addressing the legacy of unfinished housing developments. The SRF has ...More Button

My Department is currently evaluating SRF proposals from local authorities. I hope that the SRF will enable very substantial progress to be made in resolving as many of the remaining unfinished d...More Button

The current position is that applications by local authorities for funding from the Special Resolution Fund (SRF) are being assessed. A number of queries have been raised by the Department with lo...More Button

Social and Affordable Housing Provision

Under my Department’s Social Housing Investment Programme, funding is provided to local authorities for the construction and acquisition of social housing units and for a range of measures to impro...More Button

On Budget Day 2014 I announced details of a new measure with funding of €15 million which will be invested in bringing vacant and boarded-up local authority houses back into productive use. My D...More Button

Earlier this month, I announced the approval of some 56 social housing construction projects with an overall value of some €68 million under the local authority housing construction programme for...More Button

Galway County Council also recently advised my Department that three properties will require adaptations and extensions to meet the needs of particular tenants. This proposal will be considered f...More Button

Earlier this month I announced the approval of some 56 social housing construction projects with an overall value of some €68 million under the Local Authority housing construction programme for 20...More Button

  Question No. 649 answered with Question No. 647.More Button

The information that my Department holds in relation to unfinished estates is from the National Housing Development Survey 2013 which is available at More Button

My Department publishes a wide range of housing statistics, including data, broken down by local authority and on an annual basis, on the number of land transfers, and payment amounts in lieu of l...More Button

Housing Assistance Payments Administration

On 18 July 2013 the Government approved the introduction of the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP). Approval was also given for the provision of funding to the local authorities to cover the cost of ...More Button

My Department is working closely with key stakeholders in overseeing plans for the implementation of HAP, but more specifically at this stage in relation to the lead authority, Limerick City and ...More Button

Roll out to the remaining local authorities is scheduled to begin in 2015. During implementation, it is envisaged that authorities will initially focus on taking across new applicants, before mov...More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 681 and 682 together. More Button

I understand that ‘top up’ payments under the rent supplement scheme fall into two specific categories – those that are specifically approved by the Department of Social Protection where a person...More Button

In respect of the staff resources, the business process design exercise for HAP which was completed in 2013 involved input from all the relevant key stakeholders. This process included a prelimin...More Button

  Question No. 683 answered with Question No. 679.More Button

Regeneration Projects Status

The establishment of Main Street in Ballymun, with significant public sector investment, is one of the major achievements of the regeneration project with a variety of commercial, retail and commun...More Button

Planning permission for the redevelopment of the privately owned Ballymun Shopping Centre and the adjoining lands owned by the City Council was granted in September 2009. The proposed redevelopme...More Button

Dublin City Council continues to liaise with the relevant parties, including NAMA and the Receiver, with the objective of progressing the proposed redevelopment of the existing shopping centre an...More Button

My Department is not aware of any proposal, by the retailer referred to, to close the Ballymun outlet.More Button

The regeneration programme at Ballymun has moved into its completion phase and my Department is working closely with the Ballymun Civic Alliance and Dublin City Council to ensure that this project ...More Button

This year some €70m is being provided to support regeneration programmes nationally. My Department is currently finalising the regeneration work programmes for 2014 with the authorities concerned ...More Button

A capital appraisal for emergency repair works to the Gate Lodge at Doorly Park was submitted to my Department in May 2013. The project was assessed and my Department concluded that the capital a...More Button

Draft schematic regeneration proposals for St. Teresa’s Gardens were developed by Dublin City Council and submitted to my Department in 2012. Since then, my Department has been liaising with the C...More Button

The planning and design of the individual components of the overall regeneration programme is a matter for the City Council in consultation with the local community. I understand the City Counci...More Button

Voluntary Housing Sector

Last month my Department issued approval in principle to Cluid Housing Association to accept the recommended tender for works to remediate and complete the units at the Emerald housing project. More Button

Housing Adaptation Grant Expenditure

In January 2014, some changes to the terms and conditions of the suite of Housing Adaptation Grants for Older People and People with a Disability schemes were notified to local authorities. These c...More Button

Revised guidelines reflecting the changes made to the terms and conditions of the schemes and templates for the revised application forms have been circulated to local authorities. More Button

Planning Issues

Consequent to the tendering process mentioned, MacCabe Durney Barnes Consultants were appointed to carry out an independent planning review in accordance with section 255 of the Planning and Develo...More Button

I assume the Question refers to the matter of a screening for appropriate assessment being sought by a planning authority when considering whether an application for extension of duration of planni...More Button

I am aware that some planning authorities seek a screening for appropriate assessment, in some cases at least, in order to decide whether an appropriate assessment should have been carried out wh...More Button

In such scenario, they do so pursuant to Article 45 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001, which allows a planning authority to seek further information in connection with an applicati...More Button

I am considering whether any amendment of the law is required in relation to this issueMore Button

There is no provision for deferring or suspending live planning applications when judicial reviews are underway. While planning law is kept under review in my Department, I have currently no plans...More Button

Under section 261A of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as inserted by the Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2010, each planning authority was required to examine all the quarries in it...More Button

I commenced a public consultation process on proposed revisions to the 2006 Wind Energy Development Guidelines in December 2013. This is a targeted review of the Guidelines focusing on the specifi...More Button

My Department is currently considering the submissions received on the proposed draft revisions to the Guidelines from approximately 7,500 individuals and organisations. Until such time as the r...More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 725 to 728, inclusive, together. More Button

Section 35 of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended, provides that a planning authority may refuse planning permission in a case where having regard to any information available to it...More Button

The applicant may apply to the High Court for an order annulling the planning authority's decision and on the hearing of such application, the High Court may, as it considers appropriate, confirm...More Button

It should also be noted that since 2011, it is no longer possible to make retention applications in respect of developments which would require environmental impact assessment or appropriate asse...More Button

I do not consider it necessary to introduce legislation to limit the number of grants of retention permission that may be granted to a person or a body corporate.More Button

Local Authority Expenditure

Under my Department’s Social Housing Investment Programme (SHIP), capital allocations are not ified to local authorities in respect of the various housing measures, including housing construction a...More Button

Foreshore Licence Applications

The application by Sligo County Council for a licence under the Foreshore Act 1933 to carry out dredging works at Sligo Harbour is currently being assessed by my Department. The application is bein...More Button

Land Issues

Issues relating to company law are primarily a matter for the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. However, my Department understands that where a lender decides to appoint a liquidator t...More Button

Tenant Purchase Scheme Administration

The Government, on 17 December 2013, approved priority drafting of a Housing (scellaneous Provisions) Bill that will, among other things, underpin a new tenant purchase scheme for existing local au...More Button

Tenants are not precluded from tenant purchase by virtue of being social welfare recipients and there is no intention to change this practice in the future. However, tenants seeking to fund the...More Button

The discounts available to tenants under the incremental purchase model are related to income rather than length of tenancy, thus enabling low-income households to move into home ownership earlie...More Button

Regeneration Projects Expenditure

My Department currently supports an ambitious programme of regeneration which seeks to address the causes of disadvantage in communities and large social housing estates and flat complexes through ...More Button

IBRC Bonds

The information in question is currently being collated and quantified, and further information is being sought from some of the local authorities through the City and County Managers Association (...More Button

  Question No. 711 answered with Question No. 691.More Button

Compulsory Purchase Orders

The functions conferred on me as nister in relation to the approval of proposals for the compulsory acquisition of land by local authorities were transferred under Section 214 of the Planning and D...More Button