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O'Sullivan, Jan

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 754 Nbr. 3

International Agreements: Motion

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International Co-operation: Motion

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Written Answers - Planning Issues

Section 28 of the Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2010 amended Section 42 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 to provide that the duration of a planning permission may be extended whe...More Button

This means that in cases where substantial works have not been carried out, and where the relevant development plan objectives or the objectives in the relevant regional planning guidelines have ch...More Button

It should be noted that the previous provision remains in the Planning and Development Act 2000, whereby an extension of permission is automatically given on application, in a case where substantia...More Button

I consider that the amendment made in 2010 strikes an appropriate balance and that in cases where substantial works have not been carried out, the duration of permission should not be ext...More Button

Written Answers - Social and Affordable Housing

I assume the question refers to clawback provisions which apply as conditions of the sale of houses to first time buyers under the various affordable housing schemes at a significant discount from ...More Button

Where a person is selling and the claw-back amount payable would reduce the proceeds of resale below the initial price actually paid, the legislation provides for the amount of the clawback payable...More Button

As part of the implementation of the recommendations in the Keane Report my Department is developing a mortgage to rent scheme on a pilot basis. This work has been assisted by Clúid Housing ...More Button

In addition, the house must also be appropriate to household need. In other words, the household are not significantly over-accommodated (e.g. a couple residing in a home that is too large for thei...More Button

Under the first model, after voluntary repossession has taken place the property would be purchased by an approved housing body at current market value. The household would become a social housing ...More Button

Under the second model, the lender would become the long term owner of the property after voluntary repossession had taken place. The household would become a social housing tenant of the relevant ...More Button

It is anticipated that the first transactions under the first model will take place very soon. Ultimately, the schemes will be rolled out nationally using the criteria set out above and it is hoped...More Button

Kilkenny County Council has submitted this project for inclusion in the Social Housing Investment Programme for the period 2012-2014. I hope to be in a position to make announcements in relation to...More Button

Question No. 312 answered with Question No. 305.More Button

Sections of the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2009 dealing with social housing support, and related Social Housing Assessment Regulations, 2011, were commenced on 1 April 2011. The Regula...More Button

The new arrangements seek to streamline the process of applying for social housing support, both for the applicant and the local authority, while at the same time allowing a reasonable level of cho...More Button

The ultimate aim of the new system is to provide a fair, consistent and transparent approach to eligibility for social housing support across the country and I am satisfied that the provisions are ...More Button

Written Answers - Local Authority Charges

I propose to take Questions Nos. 309, 310, 323 and 351 together.More Button

As part of the process of preparing the National Housing Development Survey 2011, published by my Department in October 2011, local authorities provided details of all unfinished housing developmen...More Button

Other relevant factors for the purposes of the categorization process include, inter alia:More Button

In some cases a local authority may have found that conditions in respect of a certain phase of a development were relatively good and that, for example, no serious public safety issues could be id...More Button

Only households in developments in categories three and four are eligible for the waiver from payment of the household charge. This list of developments in which households are eligible for the wai...More Button

Written Answers - Social Welfare Code

The Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) is a collaborative project between my Department, local authorities and the Department of Social Protection, including its community welfare service. More Button

Under the scheme local authorities assume primary responsibility for meeting the accommodation needs of Rent Supplement (RS) recipients with a long-term housing need. The local authority administe...More Button

Local authorities are best placed to administer RAS and I do not propose to compile a national list of landlords willing to take part in the scheme.More Button

Since the Rental Accommodation Scheme commenced in late 2005 local authorities have transferred a total of 37,759 households from RS up to the end of December 2011. Of these 21,892 were housed dire...More Button

Rental Accommodation Scheme cumulative figures — Nov 2005 to end Dec 2011.More Button

Written Answers - Urban Renewal Schemes

Ballymun Regeneration Limited (BRL) and Dublin City Council are continuing to explore all options to further the economic objectives of the Ballymun Masterplan, including the redevelopment of the p...More Button

Written Answers - Services for People with Disabilities

My Department’s involvement with voluntary and co-operative housing schemes relates primarily to the provision of funds for individual projects. The detailed administration of the schemes, a...More Button

Monaghan County Council recently submitted revised proposals under my Department’s Capital Assistance Scheme (CAS) for a group home for people with physical and sensory disabilities at Carric...More Button

I will, in the context of an examination of existing programme commitments under CAS, give consideration to the financial scope for new CAS projects during 2012. It will be a matter for Monaghan C...More Button

Written Answers - Local Authority Housing

In line with overall national policy which promotes a reduction in energy use, the enhancement of energy efficiency standards remains a priority within my Department’s overall strategy for th...More Button

My Department does not operate a grant scheme in this regard for individual local authority tenants but under the Department’s Social Housing Investment Programme, local authorities are alloc...More Button

Given the constraints on new local authority housing supply, it is important that the existing stock of local authority housing is available and in fit condition to meet housing need. Under the al...More Button

The current tenant purchase scheme, known as the 1995 Tenant Purchase Scheme, is provided for in section 90 of the Housing Act, 1966. The details of the scheme are set out in the legislation and i...More Button

The criteria for a tenant purchasing a home under the tenant purchase scheme include that a tenant must have a period of reckonable tenancy of at least one year’s duration. The Housing Misce...More Button

There is no specific expiry date yet set for the 1995 Scheme. However, it remains the intention, as announced in 2010, that the tenant purchase arrangements be wound down in 2012 to be replaced by...More Button

Question No. 351 answered with Question No. 309.More Button