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Bruton, Richard

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions

It is difficult to take lectures from the Deputy opposite about capitulation to banks given the history of what we have been through.More Button

All of us in this House will express sympathy with those who have lost their jobs in Ulster Bank, which is the initial question raised by the Deputy. I am very much aware that this is an economy i...More Button

While we feel for the people who are losing their jobs, we also recognise that we are making real progress. We are seeing parts of the economy that grew too big, which unfortunately included banki...More Button

The Deputy also raised the issue of people who are in mortgage distress. The Government has taken enormous pains to provide a framework within which such people can be protected.More Button

There is a mortgage arrears relief programme which sets out the code that must be followed. In addition, we have made it very clear that the money we the taxpayer have put into the banks to recapi...More Button

In addition to the programme I outlined we have also put in place personal insolvency legislation. That provides people who have failed to reach an agreement at the end of negotiation with the b...More Button

We are putting in place a number of protection mechanisms to allow people to work through problems in a systematic way. Our objective is to move the economy on to allow people who genuinely cannot...More Button

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

I am unsure as to whether there was a question. One comment I must make is that-----More Button

-----the Deputy opposite does not seem to realise that hundreds of thousands of people-----More Button

-----were led into buying property in the midst of a property bubble that was supported by flawed policies pursued by the Government. That is the reality.More Button

We are trying to deal with the consequences of policies that failed.More Button

I will answer the question on whether we agree with Ulster Bank's claims. Clearly, we do not know the data in respect of Ulster Bank and its claims, but we have put in place a requirement to have ...More Button

Furthermore, if banks fail to engage in a mortgage arrears resolution process, MARP, the situation can be appealed to the Financial Services Ombudsman.More Button

The banks' commitment to dealing with the regulations as set out is overseen.More Button

Individuals who have been unable to find agreements with their banks have the option of going to an independent personal insolvency service where the issues can be independently assessed and a proc...More Button

-----to ensure those who cannot pay are offered sustainable solutions. This is the route we have sought to pursue. If we fail to face up to these problems in our banks, we will have the sort of z...More Button

The actions we are taking are designed to allow for a recovery-----More Button

-----after the crisis created by policies about which Deputy Martin knows more than we do.More Button

I thank the Deputy for his question. Medical card eligibility is set out plainly in law. The means test has not been changed. People have the right to present individual health cases, which are ...More Button

-----I would be happy to receive it.More Button

The broad picture is that an increasing number of people have medical cards. Never in the history of the State have we had as many as 42% of people eligible for cards. The figure has increased ...More Button

I am perfectly happy to arrange that the case the Deputy has raised be investigated.More Button

From what he indicated, it is being reviewed. Generally, anyone who is aged 70 or over is entitled to a medical card if their gross income does not exceed €600 per week. That is the income thresh...More Button

-----and more prone to illness, to have a much higher income threshold. That is set out in the legislation. In addition, they have the security of knowing that they can have savings and those wil...More Button

That discretion is there and it will obviously hinge on the merit of the case. If the Deputy wants to give details of the case he cited, I will arrange for the HSE to examine those details.More Button

First of all, I acknowledge that we inherited an economy that was in an extraordinary situation.More Button

No, that is not the past.More Button

The economy we inherited was losing 90,000 jobs per year.More Button

I am happy to stay all day but I would like to get a chance to answer the question. The truth is that we inherited an economy that was losing 90,000 jobs per year. That is 7,000 jobs per month. ...More Button

We need to create more employment and the Government has put in place a number of innovative approaches to deal with this. We have done it through our action plan for jobs, the strategic investm...More Button

In respect of youth unemployment, the Minister for Social Protection, Deputy Joan Burton, has set this as a very high priority. She has successfully negotiated the agreement at European level to...More Button

As regards the Deputy's specific suggestion, this month the Minister, Deputy Burton, will be announcing a new scheme whereby an employer can take on a person who has been out of work for 12 month...More Button

There are a lot of initiatives going on precisely to deal with the challenge the Deputy has set. It is, and remains, the Government's firm purpose to deal with the employment crisis. That is wh...More Button

Order of Business

It is difficult to know where to start.More Button

The Deputy said that the Government does not understand enterprise. The truth is that enterprise and predominantly small business have created 25,000 net new jobs in the past 12 months.More Button

Most of those jobs were in the export sector. Government support through the IDA-Enterprise Ireland is at the heart of development of this sector. I defy anyone to criticise the work of those age...More Button

The Deputy asked what is happening on the live register. The number of people on the live register has decreased for the twelfth month in a row.More Button

The percentage of people unemployed has also reduced from 15% to 13.6%. While that is progress, it is not enough progress. We need to do more in this space.More Button

Some €2.5 million of new funding has been made available through Government agencies to small and medium enterprise. These is new funding to support expansion of the type of enterprises of which t...More Button

The new scheme will provide people in business with the opportunity to recruit directly from the live register and get an upfront cash subsidy.More Button

These are new ideas that are showing results. The Deputy wants to remain in the time warp of criticising rather than putting forward worthwhile solutions. His only suggestion is that we create a ...More Button

It is proposed to take No. 10a, motion re membership of committee; No. 17, Houses of the Oireachtas (Inquiries, Privileges and Procedures) Bill 2013 - Report Stage (resumed) and Final Stage;...More Button

The motion relates to the change of membership on a number of committees.More Button

As in the case of all other motions, the motion is on the Order Paper, which the Deputy, like everyone else, can read.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

I join Deputies in congratulating the Ombudsman, Ms Emily O'Reilly, on her achievement, which shows the quality of her work. I am sure she will bring the same diligence and quality of work to the ...More Button

In respect of the proposal, as Deputies will be aware, we had a long Second Stage debate and open-ended Committee Stage debate on the Houses of the Oireachtas (Inquiries, Privileges and Procedure...More Button

The other Bills before the Houses for the final Stages of consideration are also subject to time constraints arising from finance commitments in respect of membership of the European Union and so...More Button

Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

As I stated earlier, these are tranches of legislation that are essentially legacies from the situation that we have inherited in this area. We have to deal with the issues. The issues that we ar...More Button

They relate to powers to deal with flaws that were in the original Bill in 2009 which were recognised at the time the Bill was being presented and whose consequences were not intended to apply. We...More Button

The legislation we will deal with later is in respect of a commitment made. This is an area where we have made commitments to deliver this legislation in line with agreements with the troika. T...More Button

First, it is a bit rich listening to Deputy Martin lecturing on Dáil reform. One should not forget that under the previous regime, the Topical Issue debates of which he complains were closeted awa...More Button

They now are taken in prime time. One also should not forget that for the first time, as exemplified on this Order Paper in respect of the banking inquiries, the Government brought this issue to t...More Button

-----before the heads of Bill were prepared to give the committee an opportunity to make an input. This constitutes opening up legislation to the input of experts, as well as a mature reflection b...More Button

Despite having had enormous time on Second and Committee Stages, they are refusing to allow a conclusion to be brought.More Button

This is about bringing a conclusion to these Bills. Moreover, when Fianna Fáil was in government, it would not even answer questions on a Thursday. No leaders appeared in the Chamber to answer qu...More Button

Consequently, progress is being made by the Government on Dáil reform. While there is more to be done-----More Button

A leader comes in for questions from the party leaders on Thursday. Fianna Fáil consistently refused to allow that. Members opposite are not willing to recognise that reform is occurring. While ...More Button

Houses of the Oireachtas (Inquiries, Privileges and Procedures) Bill 2013: Report Stage (Resumed) and Final Stage (Continued)

No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Bill 2013: Report and Final Stages (Continued)

Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Taxi Regulation Bill 2012 [Seanad]: Second Stage (Resumed)

No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Social Welfare Benefits Numbers

Was asked: the legislative measures he intends to take on registered employment agreements following on from the recent striking down elements of the Industrial Relations Act 1946 by the Supreme Court in McGo...More Button

In the judgment delivered on 9 May last in McGowan and others v. The Labour Court, Ireland and the Attorney General, the Supreme Court held that Part III of the Industrial Relation...More Button