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Bruton, Richard

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Shannon Airport: Motion (Continued)

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Retail Sector Issues

Was asked: if he has any jurisdiction over store opening hours, for example Sundays or on St. Stephen's Day.More Button

The law on trading hours of shops is the Shops (Hours of Trading) Act 1938. This Act was introduced for the purpose of controlling competition in the retail sector through the making of regulation...More Button

A Statutory Instrument was made in 1938 (S.I. No. 188 of 1938) which exempts the whole country from any restrictions on Sunday trading. I have been made aware of some limited opening of shops on...More Button

There is however protection for employees under the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997. Under this Act, employees have rights in respect of nine public holidays during the year. The options ...More Button

Job Initiatives

Was asked: his plans to bring together local and regional employment agencies and the private sector in a formalised structure to target the weaknesses in particular regions on an ongoing basis to help to tac...More Button

The Government is tackling unemployment generally through the twin strategies of the Action Plan for Jobs and Pathways to Work. The aim of the Action Pan for Jobs is to support the creation of 100...More Button

The Action Plan contains over 270 individual actions to be delivered in 2012, spanning all Government Departments and 36 State agencies. The 270 actions are broken down further into Quarterly de...More Button

Some significant objectives have been realised, including the establishment of a Microfinance Fund for small business, the introduction of a Partial Credit Guarantee scheme, new supports for firs...More Button

So far this year, the IDA has announced investments with the potential to create more than 9,000 further jobs as these projects come on stream. In the first eight months of this year, a total of...More Button

Ensuring that more micro and small businesses can start up, expand and export is a key pillar of the Government’s plans for jobs and growth. On 21 November, I announced that primary legislation ...More Button

The labour market activation measures outlined in Pathways to Work include over 85,000 job placements and work experience places to be delivered this year by the Department of Social Protection, ...More Button

We will continue to do all we can to facilitate the return to work of those who have lost their jobs. I am currently preparing the 2013 Action Plan for Jobs on behalf of the Government, and in t...More Button

National Internship Scheme Numbers

Was asked: the number of Industrial Development Agency and Enterprise Ireland client businesses that use the JobBridge scheme; and the numbers employed under this scheme by client companies. More Button

The JobBridge Scheme is administered by the Department of Social Protection.

  Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland have no role or function in the administration of the Scheme and...More Button

Work Permit Applications

Was asked: his views on correspondence (details supplied) regarding the Employment Permit Act.More Button

The High Court Judgement of 31st August raised serious issues in relation to employees who have unwittingly entered into illegal contracts of employment by virtue of not having an employment permit.More Button

When I received the judgement, I quickly stated my aim was to ensure that an employer should not benefit from using an illegal contract of employment where he or she was a willing party to its cr...More Button

The Deputy will note that the Government did not oppose Senator Quinn’s Private Member’s Bill as it concurs with our objectives - to ensure that outcome of the High Court case will not arise agai...More Button

The issue raised by the High Court judgement is one which has important policy and legal implications in the area of Employment Permits and also in terms of Employment Rights. The question that ...More Button

It is my firm intention to amend the Employment Permits legislation in a precise manner so as to ensure that an employer may not benefit from the illegality of the contract of employment where th...More Button

Finally, I wish to stress that the judgement relates only to the consideration of the enforceability, or otherwise, of an employee’s rights. It does not mean that unscrupulous employers can empl...More Button

Building Regulations Application

Was asked: further to Parliamentary Question No. 345 of 27 November 2012, the reason he believes that the National Standards Authority of Ireland has no role in the ongoing monitoring of the unit (details sup...More Button

The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government use NSAI Agrément as a mechanism to show compliance with the Building Regulations. More Button

NSAI Agrément Certification is designed specifically for new building materials, products and processes that do not yet have a long history of use and for which published national standards do no...More Button

The NSAI have advised that Condition 5.1(c) of the Certificate relates to the assessment of the manufacturing processes and marking of the product in general. The manufacturing process is under ...More Button

Part 4 Section 4.4 is a general statement about the expected lifespan of a product. It is not an absolute guarantee that all units will last 30 years; it is merely an opinion that if installed, ...More Button

I understand that the ongoing monitoring of the installed unit’s performance is the responsibility of the homeowner who is obliged to register the unit with the Department of the Environment, Com...More Button

In terms of a remedy available to those who purchased and installed the units, it is not clear if the remedies available under Consumer Protection legislation apply to the particular circumstance...More Button

Consumers who believe that goods which they purchased may not have been of merchantable quality or that suppliers who provided them with services did not have the necessary skills or did not prov...More Button

Consumers also enjoy protections under the Consumer Protection Act 2007 which prohibits traders from engaging in unfair commercial practices where such practices would be likely to cause an appre...More Button

Employment Permit Legislation

Was asked: his plans to amend the Employment Permit Act; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

My Department is currently preparing new legislation, the purpose of which will be to consolidate and streamline the Employment Permits Act 2003 and the Employment Permits Act 2006. The legislation...More Button

My Department is also actively considering the issues raised in the High Court judgement of 31 August in relation to unlawful employment contracts. It is my firm intention to amend the Employmen...More Button

In tandem with this, my Department has reviewed its processes with a view to attracting more ICT related applications and other applications regarding highly sought skills and is confident that s...More Button

Work is proceeding in my Department with regard to the preparation of the Bill. Heads of Bill were approved by Government last April and since then, my Department has been engaged with the Office...More Button

National Lottery Funding Applications

Was asked: the reason a project (details supplied) in Dublin 8 was informed by the county enterprise board that they do not qualify for funding from the National Lottery in respect of their restoration project.More Button

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation has no decision making role in relation to the distribution of National Lottery funding to community based projects. Nor indeed do the County and Ci...More Button

Public Services Provision

Was asked: further to Parliamentary Question No. 237 of 4 December 2012, if he will provide a list of all new services across his Department that have been tested for external service delivery since March 2011.More Button

I take it that the Deputy is referring to the Public Service Reform programme agreed by Government in November 2011. Last July the Government agreed a range of actions aimed at achieving a focused...More Button

As part of this approach, the Government has decided that all proposed new services across the Public Service will be tested for external service delivery before any approval to provide the servi...More Button

I can advise the Deputy that no new services of this nature have been provided by my Department since March 2011. However, if any new services are proposed, my Department will test them for exte...More Button

EU Directives

Was asked: the steps he has taken to ensure that all Government Departments have fully implemented the Agency Workers Directive and are fully compliant with the protection of Employees (Temporary Agency Work)...More Button

The Protection of Employees (Temporary Agency Work) Act was enacted on 16th   May, 2012. I published a national information notice in December, 2011 in relation to the le...More Button

Clothing Imports Issues

Was asked: his policy regarding importation of sandblasted denim; and his plans to ban the importation of same. More Button

The competence for the EU's common commercial policy, covering trade in goods and services as well as investment, lies with the European Union. I am not aware of any plans by the EU Commission to ...More Button