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Yates, Ivan

Wednesday, 8 May 1996

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 465 Nbr. 1

Written Answers. - Butter Voucher Scheme.

Was asked: the restrictions, if any, that have been imposed on the sale of butter by the butter voucher scheme; whether notice has issued from his Department to retail outlets; whether these vouchers extend t...More Button

There have been no new restrictions imposed in respect of the butter voucher scheme. My Department recently issued a notice for display at all retail outlets clarifying the main conditions of the ...More Button

Written Answers. - Grant Payment.

Was asked: if he will have arrangements made to have a REP scheme grant of £2,000 paid to a person (details supplied) in County Offaly.More Button

The person concerned applied for his second year payment under the REP scheme. However, under revised monitoring and control procedures implemented by my Department recently, compliance checks are...More Button

Was asked: if he will have arrangements made to pay a depopulation grant to a person (details supplied) in County Cork.More Button

Depopulation grant payments under the eradication schemes are being withheld in this case pending the outcome of legal proceedings.More Button

Written Answers. - Forestry Statistics.

Was asked: the area and acreage of land planted for forestry in 1995 in respect of the private and public sectors; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The total area planted in 1995 was 28,957 hectares. New planting by the private sector amounted to 17,343 hectares while the public sector planted 11,614 hectares which included 5,247 hectares of r...More Button

Was asked: the amount of money drawn down in forestry premia and grants by Coillte, farmers and individual non-farmer private investors on an annual basis since the commencement of the current afforestation g...More Button

The expenditure under the CAP afforestation and premium schemes up to end 1995 was as follows:More Button

Written Answers. - Appointment to State Bodies.

Was asked: the persons appointed by him to the boards of semi-State companies and other organisations under the aegis of his Department since February 1995; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The following persons have been appointed by me to state boards, under the aegis of this Department, since February 1995:More Button

Written Answers. - Animal Test Delays.

Was asked: if his attention has been drawn to the crisis developing in the Veterinary Section of his Department in view of current industrial difficulties; if his attention has further been drawn to the fact ...More Button

I am conscious of and regret the hardship caused to the farming community by the programme of industrial action taken by the Civil and Public Service Union. All discussions on the issues involved ...More Button

Was asked: the action, if any, he proposes to take to assist a person (details supplied) in County Mayo who has had three clear herd tests and who is prevented from selling his stock in view of the fact that ...More Button

I am very conscious of and regret the hardship caused to the farming community by the programme of industrial action taken by the Civil and Public Service Union. All discussions on the issues invo...More Button

Written Answers. - Disposal of Animal Cadavers.

Was asked: the action, if any, he proposes to take regarding the practice of some veterinary practices who return cadavers including still born animals to farmers in view of the fact that it is a reasonable p...More Button

My Department is not aware of the practice referred to by the Deputy. Perhaps he could arrange to let me have specific details. The legal position is that cadavers, including stillborn animals, a...More Button

Written Answers. - Sale of Organic Food.

Was asked: if EU regulations for the organic sector of agriculture are being implemented; if he will establish an independent control body to set and maintain standards for the production and sale of organic ...More Button

Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2092/91, as amended, lays down the rules which must be followed in the organic production of plant and plant products. The Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry...More Button

Written Answers. - Organic Farming.

Was asked: the current position regarding the Organic Research Farm at Johnstown Castle, County Wexford, particularly the EUfunded advanced ecological farming project which is midway through its five year lif...More Button

My Department made a financial contribution towards the capital costs involved in the establishment of the organic farming unit at Johnstown Castle, County Wexford in 1990. The operation of the u...More Button

Written Answers. - Animal Slaughtering Statistics.

Was asked: the number of animals slaughtered in each of the months from 1 January, to 14 April 1995; the numbers slaughtered in each of the months from 1 January to 14 April 1996; and the current position in ...More Button

The number of animals slaughtered are as follows:More Button

As regards the extension of the high rate of payment of the deseasonalisation premium, at last week's meeting of the Council of Agriculture Ministers, I raised the issue of compensation for beef pr...More Button

Written Answers. - Cattle Identity Cards.

Was asked: when cattle cards will be made available to a farmer (details supplied) in County Cork.More Button

Owing to industrial action by members of the Civil and Public Services Union, cattle identity cards are currently not being issued.More Button

Written Answers. - REP Scheme Review.

Was asked: whether he has completed a review of the REP scheme; if so, if he will publish the findings of the review; the sanctions, if any, he plans to impose in respect of any breaches of the regulations un...More Button

The REP scheme was launched in 1994 and since then the operations of the scheme have been the subject of ongoing review by my Department. I have established a consultative committee on REP which i...More Button

The work of this committee is ongoing and as a result of its work and my Department's monitoring and controls, deficiencies have been noted in a number of areas. The main deficiencies are in the ...More Button

With regard to breaches of the Department's specifications, a range of penalties is being finalised at present involving reimbursement of between 10 per cent and 100 per cent of any aid paid. Furt...More Button

Written Answers. - Inspectors of Abattoirs.

Was asked: the number of local authorities which have appointed inspectors to abattoirs under the 1989 Act.More Button

All local authorities other than Cavan, Kilkenny, Laois, Leitrim, Longford, Louth, Monaghan, Roscommon, Sligo and Tipperary N.R. County Councils have who-letime veterinary inspectors employed, as r...More Button

Written Answers. - Grant Payments.

Was asked: the recent discussions, if any, he has had with the EU Council of Ministers or the European Commission with a view to seeking a derogation from the regulations to enable payment of grants to a larg...More Button

The EU regulations governing the suckler cow premium scheme specify that only “cows belonging to meat breeds” are eligible for the scheme. However, in order to allow producers to convert their her...More Button

My officials carried out field inspections in all cases where applicants changed the breed declaration of any of their cows between 1994 and 1995. In other words, cows that were described in 1994 ...More Button

I had my officials discuss the level of penalty in these cases with officials of the European Commission but the change of declaration was considered by them to be serious enough to warrant such pe...More Button

The matter of breed is considered fundamental to the aim of the scheme which is to promote the production of quality meat. When the eligibility criteria were decided the transition period of two ...More Button