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Briscoe, Ben

Thursday, 29 September 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 224 Nbr. 3

Committee on Finance. - Vote 27—Local Government (Resumed).

Nearly every speaker so far in this debate has dealt with housing and I do not intend to speak very much on that topic because there is not much I can say which has not been said already. Followin...More Button

The main aspect of the Minister's speech with which I want to deal is in regard to fire hazards. I was delighted to hear the interest the Minister has taken in the Fire Protection Association whic...More Button

I feel that the dangers that exist in regard to fire should be brought home to the public in a more graphic way than at present. More lectures should be given. I would encourage people to join th...More Button

There is one other aspect of the Minister's speech with which I should like to deal, that is, in regard to road traffic problems. I am delighted to note that we are thinking about having clear-way...More Button

Another cause of complaint is that many of the road junctions are taken up by great big islands at sets of traffic lights. I have in mind in particular the Leeson Street, Stephen's Green and Harco...More Button

I may be sticking my neck out when I say that the Dublin motorist is the worst mannered motorist in the world. He has no courtesy at all. Even if he is in a slow line of traffic, he will not stop ...More Button

There is no propaganda in regard to courtesy on the roads. There may be something but it is not anything like what is should be. It is horrifying to see the disrespect for people shown by the mot...More Button

More literature should be issued enjoining cyclists to keep to the side of the road. Many of them think that they have as much right to the centre of the road as the motorists. They do not realis...More Button

I have very rarely seen hand signals used in Dublin. I have not seen the Rules of the Road in any shop. There is a tremendous ignorance with regard to the Rules of the Road generally. The Rules ...More Button

Yes, that is another reason for filling it in and making it into a wide ring road.More Button

With the ratepayers' money. The Deputy is always talking about the ratepayers' money.More Button

In most cases the people with boats never use the canal. We have also got to turn our eyes towards the planning of our roads around Dublin. Another cause of complaint I have has to do with places...More Button

I have covered the two subjects which I felt had not been covered fully enough by previous speakers. I referred to the fire hazards and suggested that much more propaganda should be undertaken wit...More Button