Bradford, Paul

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

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Forestry Issues: Statements.

I welcome the Minister of State, a former colleague of mine in both the Seanad and Dáil, to the House in which we both started our political careers in 1987. I wish her well in her new posi...More Button

The Minister of State’s contribution was littered with statistics, which is usually a negative sign. However, the figures she provided were interesting and I noted some of them. I had, for ...More Button

The first forestry grants were introduced approximately 20 years ago. The Minister of State cited an interesting statistic on the proportion of Irish forests planted since that date. While the fi...More Button

It is in the interests of the Government and rural communities to significantly increase the level of forestry plantations. If farmers and growing agencies do not respond to the substantial grants...More Button

It is the environmental aspect of forestry that catches the public imagination most. Members of the public are tuned into environmental matters much more than in the past. Even the youngest schoo...More Button

Energy substitution and maximising the use of wood chip fuel and old-fashioned timber offers scope to reduce our reliance on oil and other imported fuels. The Minister of State referred to the gre...More Button

We should aspire to having energy friendly heating systems installed in all houses, old and new. The issue of supply was brought to my attention as soon as people began to install wood chip and wo...More Button

Forestry has a significant and expanding role to play in terms of the environment, which is an area people readily understand. We should encourage this development. As I indicated, the developmen...More Button

Whenever one drives past a forestry plantation whether it be 40, 50 or 60 years old, one gets a great sense of where one is and one reflects on who planted it and the farmers who existed. This is ...More Button

Five to ten years ago a difficulty existed in some parts of the country, in particular in the west of Ireland. Senator Ellis is present, and his previous constituency colleagues often spoke to me ...More Button

The grants system gives a premium or advantage to the growing of forestry in less marginal areas and it is also making it more appealing in those parts of our island which previously were not deeme...More Button

We should not move away from the important food versus energy debate because it must be addressed with regard to food from a world perspective. We have scope at home to significantly increa...More Button

Economic Outlook: Motion.

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