Keaveney, Cecilia

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

This is pathetic. We are not allowed to speak or discuss anything now.More Button

What about the Blarney Stone?More Button

I start by thanking the Cathaoirleach for letting me raise the issue of the cross-Border train service on the Adjournment today. More Button

The reason I said this is because I might not have needed to raise it on the Adjournment if we received reports from North-South Ministerial Council meetings. I ask the Leader to find out whether ...More Button

Perhaps the Leader might ask whether there is much of a move in respect of having all-Ireland health promotion campaigns. This Friday is Lollipop Day, which aims to raise awareness of oesophageal ...More Button

They should be here. We are here.More Button

Half days.More Button

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Northern Ireland Issues: Statements (Resumed).

I congratulate Nuala O’Loan, who did tremendous work as Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman with regard to many of these controversial incidents, on her appointment as roving ambassador to Timo...More Button

Today we are discussing collusion and the reports produced by the justice committee. I congratulate all those involved in the committee. They put serious work into the reports, came to conclusion...More Button

The report states that not only did collusion occur but it was widespread. It seeks greater political impetus in highlighting the fact that it occurred and its scale and in identifying measures to...More Button

How can we encourage the next generation to analyse and understand not only the history of their side but of the “other side”, however that is defined, if we cannot get access to that history? I a...More Button

I have a BlackBerry which I use to receive e-mails. I appreciate the point about the courtesy of listening to speakers but I also appreciate that the Houses are geared up for Internet in order tha...More Button

In compiling my report, I have examined the situation in Bosnia, Cyprus and Armenia. I should be in tune with what is happening in the North. An issue that arose in another committee is the attem...More Button

I want to mention the issue of Councillor Eddie Fullerton. I mentioned my father already on the Order of Business. My father was at a county council meeting with Councillor Fullerton the day of t...More Button

Having spoken to Ms Nuala O’Loan and others about the case of Mr. Seán Brown who was killed in the North of Ireland, I am astonished at the lack of information that can be obtained whe...More Button

Senator Walsh spoke of setting up committees in the Oireachtas and in Westminster specifically to deal with this. The Taoiseach had a good relationship with Tony Blair, the previous British Prime ...More Button

Given that there is to be devolution of justice and other areas to Northern Ireland in May or shortly afterwards, I ask that the Northern Ireland Executive, on assuming the powers, be given all rec...More Button

There is no point in handing over devolved powers to the Northern Ireland Executive and not handing over certain information as well. If it is handed over, the Executive is then in a position wher...More Button

The clergy in Ireland have stood up to a difficult issue in terms of child sex abuse and much information has now been given freely by the Archbishop of Dublin. The matters before the House are of...More Button

I again sympathise with those who have gone round in circles for many years on this issue. I hope the fact we continue to raise the issue gives them confidence. We intend to support them in findi...More Button

Rail Network.

I thank the Cathaoirleach for allowing me to raise this matter on the adjournment of the House. While I welcome the Minister for State at the Department of Health and Children, Deputy Pat The Cope...More Button

I have been raising this issue since Deputy Mary O’Rourke was Minister for Transport, which is some time ago. I have been trying to get people to understand the concept of Dublin to Derry, n...More Button

I ask the Minister of State to relay the facts to the Department of Transport and I challenge those involved in the North-South Ministerial Council, on both sides, to explain why they can talk abou...More Button

Some may ask why I am not fighting the corner for Dublin to Donegal at this point. It is simply that results can be achieved very quickly on the section of the line to which I am referring. It ha...More Button

The Minister for Regional Development in Northern Ireland, Mr. Conor Murphy stated that investment in the line from Coleraine to Derry is key. However, he also stated there is no money for this. ...More Button

The Minister says they must raise the money, and if they do so, the upgrade can be carried out in 2011. If the money is found it will mean the line will be closed again while repairs are carried o...More Button

The Derry to Coleraine track is a jointed one, but what is needed is a welded one. New trains on this route cannot get up to speed, and some travel at speeds as low as 20 mph. That is one of the ...More Button

At the last North-South Ministerial Council meeting in January, the possibility of both Governments coming together to buy trains for the Belfast to Derry route was raised and a decision will be ma...More Button

The ILEX regeneration board plans to build a new railway station in Ebrington. The chief executive of the ILEX board has taken on the demands of the Into The West group and has agreed to leave eno...More Button

I reiterate the point that this is not about a new train service, new planning, a new line or compulsory purchase orders on people’s lands. It is about a number of passing points for the exi...More Button

I would expect a negative answer or for this issue to be put on the long finger were it a complicated matter, such as the suggestion of an overall package of an all-island train service, but not at...More Button

When I raised this issue previously, people told me that there are flights to Derry and Carrickfinn, a planned road through Aughnacloy and bus services and asked me why I would want a train service...More Button

I am not asking for the impossible. It is no reflection on the Minister of State that the Minister for Transport, Deputy Dempsey, will have the facts when he returns to the North-South Ministerial...More Button

The last point was the most important. If, as I have been led to believe, there is European funding for the Dublin-Derry line, it is time to call it the Dublin-Derry line. Will the Minister of St...More Button