Gormley, John

Friday, 2 July 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 203 Nbr. 14

Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Committee Stage

I was detained in the other House.More Button

Yes. I also have been busy with the Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill and the Civil Partnership Bill.More Button

Yes, I can.More Button

Yes, absolutely.More Button

That is ridiculous.More Button

On fur farming.More Button

It was a “Second Stage” debate, with enormous latitude being given and that is the Leas-Chathaoirleach’s choice. When people talk about wanting to get on to the main issues, however, I do no...More Button

There are major issues to be discussed. As far as I am concerned this is relatively minor legislation which can be got through very quickly. The Green Party is not making a big issue of this but ...More Button

I have been asked by several speakers to clarify the position. I do not know why they are doing this because they know the position only too well. When people talk about “perception”, why do they...More Button

I grew up on the banks of the Shannon. When I was a kid I fished for perch, bream and eels, and as regards coarse fishing, I even caught a few pike in my time. Forget about this because there are...More Button

What I am trying to do as Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and as a Green Party Member is to protect our habitats, ensure clean waters so fish can thrive and protect dwin...More Button

However, politics enters into all of this. Senator Coffey can have his field day because no matter what I say here today he will still go to the public meeting in his constituency and put it out t...More Button

There we go again.More Button

I have just stated what the Bill is about and we have this and Senator Coffey’s colleague’s claims about zoos.More Button

Senator Coffey is smiling across there and saying this is great sport. Grand, but it is not the truth.More Button

Reflecting on this in recent days, I have concluded the power of propaganda is amazing.More Button

One does not tell a porky, one tells the whopper — the big lie. One only has to go back to recent history to know who were the most successful propagandists.More Button

Propaganda is a type of hypnotism.More Button

I have seen it out there because they are immersed in this idea. The thing about hypnotism is that one must want to be hypnotised and want to believe it. People want to believe this nonsense. On...More Button

It is slightly disillusioning when one thinks politics should be about rational debate on specific polices, not about the irrational. We talk about the human and animal species. Unfortunately, hu...More Button

Senator Coffey used an analogy of a motor rally in County Donegal. If a Minister had to give a licence for that rally and a serious accident occurred on it, I have no doubt the Minister would be h...More Button

Similarly with the Ward Union Hunt, which is licensed by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, there are real difficulties around the issue of accidents. Senator Coffey ...More Button

The point is that it is not a licensed activity. The area covered by the Ward Union Hunt used to be in the heart of the countryside but is now a built-up area. It was over-zoned and, if Senators ...More Button

Now that I have answered these questions, I will turn to section 3, the prohibition of deer hunting with dogs.More Button

Section 3(1) redefines “deer” for the purposes of the legislation so that the term includes any deer which is not a wild animal. This expanded definition of deer has been incorporated into the Bil...More Button

The Attorney General’s advice in September 2007 was to the effect that section 26(1) of the Wildlife Act applied to all deer whether wild or domesticated. This advice was similar to the prev...More Button

In section 3(3) I have included a provision to ensure licensed deer stalkers may continue to use dogs where appropriate.More Button

It is not unusual for a deer stalker to bring a dog out while hunting deer. In cases where several hunters were stalking deer on a property and each had a dog or if they were bringing two dogs for...More Button

Accordingly, the provision provides that it would not be an offence for people on foot stalking deer and with a deer licence under section 29 of the Wildlife Act or with permission under section 32...More Button

Again, this gives the lie to this idea that we will stop shooting. I have given out more licences than any other previous Minister. I understand the necessity of doing this because of the number ...More Button

Section 42 permissions are issued outside of the open season and offer a facility whereby a person can obtain permission on a case-by-case basis to take action against a protected species including...More Button

The Senator is doing so.More Button

That is because it is not true.More Button

I am happy to answer that because there should be clarification. Senator Cummins is reading from a document which is 20 years old. If the Senator wishes to do so, that is fine.More Button

Yes, it is.More Button

As it happens, I am Leader of the party.More Button

It is fair to say I would know what is in that document. The Senator is completely wrong.More Button

I wish to answer Senator John Paul Phelan, who put a question. The animal welfare legislation to be introduced in the autumn will deal with animal welfare legislation dating back some time. It is...More Button

There will be higher penalties and it will address standards. It is not worth commenting further.More Button

The Committee divided: Tá, 26; Níl, 16.More Button

Question proposed: “That section 4 stand part of the Bill.”More Button

Why would the Senator oppose this section?More Button

I wish to express my utter astonishment that Fine Gael would oppose this section. I do not understand why it would wish to do so. The section makes sense and irons out an anomaly.More Button

I will try to answer the Senator’s questions. I informed Senators during my Second Stage contribution on Wednesday that this provision addresses the issue that has arisen with regard to lic...More Button

My provision in this legislation provides for the amendment of section 29 of the Wildlife Act by the insertion of a new subsection (5)(a) to ensure that a firearms certificate issued for a s...More Button

As I mentioned on Second Stage, arrangements will be made in the interim between my Department and the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform to revert to a position where the hunting licen...More Button

The Senator asked about judicial review. I understand that is on hold pending the passage of this Bill. It is important we understand that this is an anomaly that must be ironed out. It is encou...More Button

I think I answered the question. Everything is on hold until we pass this Bill, so let us pass the Bill quickly.More Button

Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Report and Final Stages

The essence and definition of subsidiarity is that it constitutes decision-making at the lowest effective level. The emphasis must be on the word “effective”. From my perspective, the expertise o...More Button

It is interesting that people suggest giving back powers and I am an advocate of so doing. At present, I am trying to grapple with this particular issue in the context of the forthcoming White Pap...More Button

As for community participation in such decision-making, which constitutes a further devolution of power, I suggest to Members that were they to conduct an opinion poll or plebiscite in County Meath...More Button

Furthermore, what probably is the most important issue in this regard is that this particular hunt unquestionably contains many influential people. I have never seen a better conducted public rela...More Button

——who have great influence.More Button

They could pick up the telephone and say they wanted this or that done. Those days are over. They cannot do it anymore.More Button

If one can imagine the influence they have at central level it would be an absolute cakewalk for them at local level.More Button

We must be in a position to withstand that type of pressure.More Button

I can withstand that type of pressure, which is why we are introducing the legislation.More Button

Senator Coffey opposed it.More Button

I signed the order for it.More Button

Adjournment Matter - Health Services

I thank Senator Keaveney for raising this matter which I am taking on behalf of my colleague, the Minister for Health and Children, Deputy Mary Harney.More Button

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in most developed countries. In Ireland it is estimated there are more than 10,000 acute strokes per year. We know stroke is a medical emergency. I a...More Button

Thankfully, mortality rates from stroke have fallen considerably in recent decades. However, with longer life expectancy after stroke and an aging population, it will continue to pose challenges f...More Button

Since the publication of Building Healthy Hearts in 1999, there have been many changes. The health service structures, Ireland and lifestyles have changed while technology has developed.More Button

It was clear we needed to plan for the future taking into account these changes. It was for these reasons the Minister for Health and Children, Deputy Mary Harney, established the cardiovascular p...More Button

The policy group considered the stroke audit findings and addressed the issues raised including prevention in the primary care setting, rapid access to diagnostic services, the configuration of str...More Button

The policy report, Changing Cardiovascular Health: National Cardiovascular Health Policy 2010-19, was launched by the Minister on 10 June last. It addressed the spectrum of cardiovascular disease ...More Button

The implementation plan, currently under development by the HSE, will specify the networks for cardiovascular disease, the local and regional or comprehensive centres that comprise networks, pre-ho...More Button

Everyone in the health care sector has a role to play, for example, involving primary care in developing multidisciplinary rapid assessment TIA clinics for mini-stroke to prevent these from progres...More Button

Primary care teams are ideally placed to prevent strokes through the detection and management of raised blood pressure and through the provision of anti-thrombotic therapy for those with atrial fib...More Button

While public information and awareness campaigns come within the HSE’s remit, I acknowledge the role played by the Irish Heart Foundation as a leading provider of information on stroke awaren...More Button

Earlier this year, the Irish Heart Foundation launched its FAST campaign to raise awareness of the warning signs of stroke and the need for emergency treatment in hospital for anyone who suspects t...More Button

The Government will continue to support efforts to create greater awareness around the preventive measures and positive lifestyle behaviours needed to allow people live healthier lives. The new ca...More Button