Gallagher, Pat the Cope, Gallagher, Pat the Cope

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Health Services.

I thank Senator Ellis for raising this important issue, which he raised last year in the House with the Minister for Health and Children, Deputy Mary Harney. I am glad to have the opportunity to r...More Button

This matter provides me with an opportunity to reaffirm the Government’s commitment to developing community-based services at local level. Government policy with regard to older people is to...More Button

The Government’s objective of continued development of community-based services for older persons is reflected in the funding given to the system in recent times. In the budgets of 2006 and ...More Button

As the Senator is aware, the Health Act 2004 provides the Health Service Executive with responsibility for the management and delivery of health and personal social services. As a corporate body, ...More Button

The proposed capital development for Ballinamore, which has a total capital requirement of over €7 million, has been approved by the executive. The project is progressing to the next stage, w...More Button

The Government strategy, Primary Care — A New Direction, 2001, is the roadmap for the development of primary care services in Ireland over a period of ten to 15 years. The development of suc...More Button

The key objective in primary care policy is to develop services in the community that will give people direct access to integrated multi-disciplinary teams such as that proposed for the Ballinamore...More Button

Since 2002, the Government has provided significant new funding to enable the primary care strategy to be rolled out, amounting to €52 million. In addition to the additional resources being p...More Button

I appreciate that the people in the Ballinamore catchment area may feel that nothing is happening because they do not see anything tangible happening. I want to inform them that the project has be...More Button

I assure them there is movement and the moneys will be provided. The project has been approved and the appointment of the design team is the next stage. We are anxious to ensure that team is in p...More Button

Schools Building Projects.

I apologise that the Minister for Education and Science is not in a position to attend the House tonight. I thank the Senator for raising the matter as it affords me the opportunity to outline to ...More Button

Modernising facilities in our 3,200 primary and 750 post primary schools is not an easy task given the legacy of decades of under-investment in this area, as well as the need to respond to emerging...More Button

During the lifetime of the national development plan almost €4.5 billion will be invested in schools. Approximately €600 million will be spent this year on school buildings. This is an ...More Button

Turning to the specific matter in hand, Ballintemple national school is a co-educational primary school with an enrolment of 211 pupils as of September 2007. Enrolments at the school have increase...More Button

The school has submitted an application to the Department of Education and Science for capital funding towards the provision of a new school and the long-term staffing figure on which accommodation...More Button

The school authorities were advised in September 2007 that the proposed site for the new school building was suitable for the construction of a new 12 classroom school and that they could proceed w...More Button

I thank the Senator once again for raising this matter and allowing me to outline the progress being made under the school building and modernisation programme and the position regarding the provis...More Button

Rail Network.

Were the Minister in a position to attend the House, he would be present. That he is not present is no reflection on the House or the Senator, as he has another commitment. As we all know, matter...More Button

Rail services to Derry are available via Belfast. The upgrading of Belfast-Derry rail services is a matter for the authorities in Northern Ireland. While it did not form part of the main agenda, ...More Button

While I welcome that the Senator’s Adjournment matter relates to the Derry-Coleraine service, the North-South Ministerial Council at its December 2007 meeting welcomed a presentation from rep...More Button

In considering the case for improved Dublin-Derry rail services, it is important to bear in mind the improvements made in transport links to the north west generally. I first came to Dublin as a p...More Button

Further investment under Transport 21 will see improvements in transport infrastructure serving the north west, including the Atlantic road corridor linking Derry, Letterkenny, Sligo, Galway, Cork ...More Button

Progress has been made in respect of air links, roads and the Derry-Belfast line, but I take on board Senator Keaveney’s strong case regarding the Derry-Coleraine route. She stated that, ins...More Button