Ellis, John

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

I congratulate the Garda on its action at the weekend in introducing checks for drugs at some of its checkpoints for alcohol. That is a welcome move and something on which this House should compli...More Button

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Forestry Issues: Statements.

Senator Bradford finished on a point I was going to make. I attended many public meetings — I am sure Senator O’Reilly was also called to many — on the problems caused by private...More Button

The grant scheme was tiered so hardwood was at a higher rate than sitka spruce or pines. The net result of this is that 15 to 20 years ago every bit of reasonably good land in my part of the count...More Button

Forestry plays a major role in helping to improve the environment. At one level, it is important that carbon is removed. However, nobody ever mentions a major negative caused in the west by indis...More Button

Grant assistance is of great value to those who receive it. However, as first thinnings are taken out after 20 years the first crop of any farmer who plants and maintains forestry is yielded after...More Button

Senator Bradford mentioned wood pellets. Many people discovered recently that at one stage this was a monopoly market and supplies were tight. The costs rose significantly from what was originall...More Button

Problems with clear felling are arising now with regard to what was planted 20 or 25 years ago. Clear felling of land leaves scars on our landscape and should be dealt with. Tree-felling licences...More Button

Lack of maintenance of forests frightens us all. Once the fences went up and the gates were locked much of the land which was planted was forgotten about. A great deal of private forestry has bee...More Button

It is also wrong that people are paid grants without a proper annual inspection system. A farmer receiving a single payment grant can have two, three, four or five inspections per year depending o...More Button

Proper provision must be made to ensure roads are not damaged during clear-felling. Leitrim County Council is always seeking moneys from the Department and elsewhere to cover damage done to roads ...More Button

I note in the Minister of State’s projections the proposed figures are dropping. They will drop more despite her best efforts because people have copped on that while it may be attractive at...More Button

The Minister of State claims the average value of thinnings, the first crop between 15 years and 20 years, works out at €150 and €200 per acre. That is the total income other than grants...More Button

The implications of forest plantations should be fully explained to those wishing to get involved. Forestry is needed from an environmental point of view but it is a two-edged sword. There is the...More Button

Economic Outlook: Motion.

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Health Services.

I welcome the Minister of State, Deputy Pat The Cope Gallagher, to take this motion on the Adjournment.More Button

I raise the matter of a capital project, which has been proposed by the HSE, and formerly by the North-Western Health Board, entailing the provision of a community care facility and small hospital ...More Button

On numerous occasions since then I have raised this with the HSE, both locally and nationally. It appears that when I raised it here in September or October with the Minister, Deputy Harney, she p...More Button

This community facility is badly needed. At present, there are people occupying beds in general hospitals who could be accommodated in such a facility, if it were provided. I hope the Minister of...More Button

If there is no move on this project by the date given — we were promised it would be commenced by certain dates twice previously — I will raise it again in the House and will continue t...More Button