de Búrca, Déirdre

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

I join with other Senators in highlighting the importance of this House facilitating a comprehensive debate on the Lisbon treaty. Like other Senators, I am a member of the European Affairs committ...More Button

——because it is important that we have a balanced debate and that we are seen to listen to all of the arguments being made about the treaty.More Button

Some Members mentioned inaccuracies. The best way to deal with inaccuracies being put around about the treaty is to confront them in a debate and correct them. I suggest that if we have a debate ...More Button

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Northern Ireland Issues: Statements (Resumed).

I welcome this opportunity to make statements on the report of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice, Equality, Defence and Women’s Rights on the violent incidents arising from conflict i...More Button

As my colleague, Senator Dan Boyle, has spoken on the issue, I will focus on the issue of collusion because there is great concern that this issue is not being dealt with adequately and that this d...More Button

Victims’ groups, including Justice for the Forgotten, have proposed different approaches to deal with the past. One recent constructive proposal was a call by a consortium of groups for the ...More Button

The victims’ groups recent call was for an international, independent truth commission. Other speakers have mentioned the importance of a commission such as this being established. Its purp...More Button

Speaking on behalf of the groups involved in this consortium, Ms Margaret Urwin stated:More Button

The organisations representing victims of this conflict which supported this call believe that the current investigatory, prosecutorial and judicial arrangements offer no realistic prospect of trut...More Button

This is a reasonable call by the families and groups representing the victims. The motion should be uncontroversial. If both Houses of the Oireachtas would agree to do so, we should move ahead wi...More Button

The results of the Barron report were welcome and point to interesting information that must be taken on board by the British Government. I hope that having debated the issue fully today, we will ...More Button

The establishment of the truth commission with an international composition is important. Other countries look to Ireland because of the conflict that existed in the North for so long and we are s...More Button

It is important we get closure on this. The recommendations I have made are important in this regard, namely, the setting up of the truth commission and the agreeing of a motion by both Houses of ...More Button

Forestry Issues: Statements.

I welcome the Minister of State, Deputy Wallace, to the House. I congratulate her on her new portfolio and wish her well with it. I have no doubt she has various ideas on the way she would like t...More Button

The Green Party has long been interested in the issue of forestry and we now find ourselves a party of Government along with the Minister’s party. We have made several commitments in the pro...More Button

Previous speakers pointed out that there are many other benefits and dividends from forestry that are not just the narrow economic and commercial benefits we might focus on when discussing forestry...More Button

Previous speakers spoke about climate change. What we are doing regarding the Kyoto Protocol and the emissions reductions targets we have agreed to is factoring carbon dioxide emissions into the e...More Button

I refer to a study the Minister of State’s Department commissioned and that yielded interesting information. A national forestry inventory was carried out by her Department and it involved a...More Button

The survey also found that almost two thirds of the national forests are under 20 years old, which is worrying and suggests that the newer planted forests are part of the shorter-term commercial fo...More Button

The inventory also gave a breakdown of the type of trees that are being grown and established and pointed out that 25% of the national forests are broadleaf and the remainder, 75%, are conifer tree...More Button

In the programme for Government we have committed jointly to promoting a diverse forestry culture with an emphasis on native trees, and the Minister of State indicated her intentions in the area of...More Button

An important report was drawn up recently of which I would like to remind the Minister of State. I understand she is aware of its existence. It was the joint COFORD-EPA report, Biodiversity in Ir...More Button

The bioforest project, which was one of the largest undertakings on biodiversity research conducted in Ireland, concluded that in general forestry plantations could make a significant contribution ...More Button

Another far-reaching recommendation of the report was that semi-natural habitats should not be afforested unless there were mitigating circumstances. It recommended that, where possible, improved ...More Button

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I will put to the Minister of State one or two of the objectives from the Green Party’s manifesto in the area of forestry, which ties in with the objectives we have agreed in the programme fo...More Button

Economic Outlook: Motion.

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