Ryan, Brendan

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

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Forestry Issues: Statements.

The latest figures to hand indicate the forestry industry accounts for approximately 0.3% of annual gross domestic product with some 16,000 people employed, either directly or indirectly, in the se...More Button

In 2005, €57.8 million in forestry premiums were paid out to forest owners. As well as the timber benefits, non-timber benefits are becoming increasingly important such as recreation, carbon ...More Button

Some 25% of our forestry cover is now broadleaf, a massive shift from the traditional conifer forestry. This change is as a result of the Government’s grant aid policy which financially enco...More Button

I welcome these developments as they will bring about a significant and positive change to our landscape and facilitate the development of a widespread wood culture. It will bring about a mixture ...More Button

Despite these notable advances, all is not as rosy as one might think. The forestry service’s recent detailed survey of our forestry indicates a forest cover of just 10%, well below the Euro...More Button

In the era of peak oil and ever-increasing energy prices, the value of a renewable and home-grown wood energy takes on an increasing importance. Ten years ago the cost of a barrel of oil was as lo...More Button

Climate change has become an issue mentioned in the House every day and has permeated many debates. Forestry makes a significant contribution to our environment. It is accepted by all sides in th...More Button

This highlights the need for the Government to show more initiative in adopting an appropriate and well-thought out strategy for the development of the forestry industry. It should reward woodland...More Button

The IFA’s farm forestry committee put forward an interesting idea of a green forest payment. This would be paid annually to woodland owners for the wide range of non-timber benefits which th...More Button

There are some grave shortcomings in the management of our forests. The Forest Service has pointed out that 87% of private plantations are not thinned. This is an alarming figure. It has been sp...More Button

We are blessed with perhaps the healthiest forest estate in Europe, but we must continue to do everything to ensure the good health of our forests. We need to maintain the strict regulatory polici...More Button

It is also worth noting that we are the biggest importers of rain forest timber in Europe. We need to be adamant that all timber imported into Ireland comes from sustainably managed woodlands. Th...More Button