Donohoe, Paschal

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

I support the request from other Senators for a debate here on the Lisbon treaty. The Oireachtas Joint Committee on European Affairs, of which some Senators are members, is in the final stages of ...More Button

Another matter that will be very important to the future of our country and which we continually touch upon is the question of how we develop and stimulate economic growth. Frequently, when we dis...More Button

I repeat a request I made last week for a debate in this House on how we deal with homelessness in this city and people with chronic alcohol and drug issues. There is no more distressing sight tha...More Button

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Economic Outlook: Motion.

I am pleased to second the motion. I will elaborate on some of the points made by Senator Twomey and respond to the Government’s amendment to the motion.More Button

I concur with the analysis offered by Senator Twomey regarding the origins of our economic success. In the past number of years, we have completely opened up our borders, society and economy to th...More Button

During that time, however, we should have ensured that when the favourable economic environment changed, we would be still in a good position. We would then be able to ride the crest of less fortu...More Button

If one looks at the United States of America and the United Kingdom, neither economy is technically in recession. Both economies are experiencing an economic slowdown but their Governments are wor...More Button

I wish to focus on public sector reform and the position of our education system, particularly with reference to lifelong learning and the need to upskill our workforce. On the latter point, I hav...More Button

That such retraining and upskilling has not taken place represents a lamentable failure on the part of the Government. The reasons for the need for such upskilling are several. In the past few ye...More Button

When one examines the other economies which are well set up to deal with the global economic downturn, one of the things they have in common is the fact that, for at least the last decade, they hav...More Button

The issue of public service reform is mentioned in the amendment. Every time we get into a discussion such as this, there is a significant debate on the additional amounts being spent or people be...More Button

Given that we will ask people working in the private sector and the non-sheltered economy to work harder and to make better decisions on how to spend their money, the Government’s singular fa...More Button

It is not name calling. Who is ranting now?More Button

His contribution so far has been derisory. More Button

We will not take this. More Button

Why does the European Commission not agree?More Button

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