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Friday, 2 July 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 203 Nbr. 14

Health (Amendment) Bill 2010: Committee and Remaining Stages

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Committee Stage

I welcome the belated arrival of the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.More Button

I understand that, as I was watching the Minister performing there. I also understand that he was coursing through the halls of Leinster House to reach this Chamber to follow through. He has been...More Button

That is correct——More Button

—— but the animal welfare legislation is high on the Minister’s priorities and he has been busy in this regard. Obviously, the Minister has been late out of the traps in respect ...More Button

Can the Minister reassure the House——More Button

—— that in his tenure as the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, he will not bring forth any legislation that will affect the hunting of foxes, coursing or any ...More Button

As for the section under discussion, it proposes a prohibition on hunting deer with dogs. There is a contradiction in this Bill. I have heard the Minister and others speaking on radio and elsewhe...More Button

I will not go over the entire animal welfare debate but the Minister has used the example of a deer jumping a ditch into a school yard. That is the one example we hear about all the time but not m...More Button

The Ward Union Hunt has been a responsible organisation in carrying out its pursuits and activities. It has always complied with regulations and the licensing conditions put on it. Much of its re...More Button

I am disappointed with the Fianna Fáil Members who support this Bill. The people that elected Fianna Fáil to be the largest party in the local authorities, although they are not any ...More Button

I note that the Minister makes provision for deerstalkers to hunt on foot. Deerstalkers were concerned up to a very late stage on the Bill. Will the Minister outline the process of consultation w...More Button

We oppose the section because we oppose the Bill. I do not wish to engage in a slagging match with the Minister but I am interested in hearing his views on the points I have raised.More Button

That is a different jurisdiction.More Button

I concur with most of what Senator Quinn said. I respect Senator Dearey’s view, which he made quite cogently. We all need to respect each other’s views. However, one could apply Sena...More Button

As we all know, the Green Party’s stated policy is against fox hunting and coursing. This emphasises our concern. As an Opposition party that does not agree with the Green Party’s poi...More Button

Senator Quinn made some very good points on how country people, be they farmers or chicken ranchers, feel about their animals. Animal husbandry is accorded very high priority by country people. O...More Button

I have never hunted. I was never on horseback hunting but can understand why people would like to do so. I understand the hunters in the Ward Union Hunt rarely see the deer because it is so far a...More Button

To return to the basic argument many of us have tried to make, based on ancient times and legend, man, as the priority being and species, has a basic instinct to hunt. We are trying to interfere w...More Button

I am not trying to create an urban-rural divide in the debate but contend there must be understanding, and that nature itself is cruel. The Ward Union Hunt, however, is not cruel. Its animal husb...More Button

What will happen to the deer the Ward Union Hunt has in stock if this legislation is passed? Will they be put on show somewhere? Will they put into a zoo? The Green Party opposes zoos also.More Button

It does oppose zoos.More Button

It opposes circuses; let us be honest about that.More Button

Zoos are probably the places where young children are educated most about animals and where they see them at first hand.More Button

I am only making my point and am entitled to do so.More Button

I thank the Senator and the Cathaoirleach.More Button

This debate can be reasonable. Let us hear from both sides. I am putting the case clearly that what the Ward Union Hunt does is not a matter of animal welfare. While the deer is scared, the obje...More Button

Senator Dearey has outlined what he picked up on the website based on events in County Down, Britain and other jurisdictions but we have not heard of examples in this State, except for the one high...More Button

With proper regulation and monitoring and with the co-operation of the Ward Union Hunt and all interested stakeholders, the Ward Union Hunt could continue to hunt in a very organised and fair fashi...More Button

We are legislating according to “Liveline” now.More Button

Hunting is.More Button

The deer is on your plate.More Button

The Senator is missing the point.More Button

They have the backing of the Irish people all right.More Button

Two per cent is quite a mandate.More Button

That is not true.More Button

Why does the Senator not ask it?More Button

He should meet RISE! and ask it.More Button

The Government orders business.More Button

We will be well able for it.More Button

I am not sure about that.More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

The Fianna Fáil Whip has lost one Deputy already.More Button

It is the Minister’s policy to ban all field sports.More Button

Is the Minister denying his policy?More Button

It is in the Green Party’s policy documents.More Button

The Minister is at it himself.More Button

What about the propaganda put out by the Minister’s side? There are those on the Government side saying what we are saying.More Button

They do that naturally anyway.More Button

3 o’clockMore Button

The Minister should not even go there about the Dublin Docklands Development Authority.More Button

The Minister better put the shovel away and stop digging.More Button

The Minister is using propaganda now.More Button

That is a last resort.More Button

There has not been much debate on this section which deals with the licensing of firearms and those who carry legally held shotguns. This is a serious matter.More Button

Let me have my say.More Button

When the firearms regime was amended in the Criminal Justice Act 2006 and the Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009, there was an omission in dealing with the law relating to the gra...More Button

The amendments had an effect in two ways. People who thought they had a licence to hunt birds during the last hunting season were acting legally because of a lacuna in law, about which the Governm...More Button

Will the Minister explain how this happened? Law abiding, hunting people understood they had certified legally held firearms but they were, in fact, not legal. This exposed them to the law. I un...More Button

We oppose the Bill. We will vote on that shortly.More Button

You created it.More Button

It will cost a fortune for the taxpayer. It is poor legislation.More Button

If the Senator says we are suffering, the Green Party is dead on the bed.More Button

If we are suffering, I do not know where you are.More Button

The Government made a mess of it, and it is trying to correct it now and at a huge cost to the taxpayer.More Button

The Senator should relax. He is hyperventilating.More Button

The Senator will take off in a minute.More Button

We will deal with it. We will deal with the Senator’s party too at the next election.More Button

We will put you out of business.More Button

You have been whipped in over the last few days.More Button

I will clarify why I raised this important matter. Can the Minister confirm if it is true that leave for judicial review has been granted against the Minister for this error in law? How many judi...More Button

It is extraordinary that Senator Boyle can get so exercised and hyperventilate over what he considers to be a minor Bill.More Button

It is a pity we did not get the same passion from the Senator——More Button

——on behalf of the old age pensioners, those on social welfare, the education cuts and all the other cuts he supported in Government. The Senator has not shown the same passion about t...More Button

The Senator will take his medicine now.More Button

We are highlighting the Minister’s errors.More Button

I can see the Minister is trying to do his best for hunters in one element but he is not doing his best in many other aspects of this legislation and many other laws he is bringing forward.More Button

The Minister has not answered my question on the judicial review. Is it true that leave for judicial review has been granted against the Minister? He said it was on hold but I understand the Mini...More Button

Are there applications before the Minister?More Button

The Minister will not answer.More Button

Question, “That section 5 stand part of the Bill”, put and declared carried.More Button

Question, “That section 6 stand part of the Bill”, put and declared carried.More Button

Question, “That section 7 stand part of the Bill”, put and declared carried.More Button

Question, “That section 8 stand part of the Bill”, put and declared carried.More Button

Question, “That section 9 stand part of the Bill”, put and declared carried.More Button

Title agreed to.More Button

Bill reported without amendments.More Button

A Chathaoirligh, we have tabled an amendment for Report Stage and we ask that time be taken to consider that.More Button

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Report and Final Stages

I move amendment No. 1:More Button

I acknowledge that the thrust of this amendment was raised by Senator Quinn on Committee Stage and on previous occasions by Senator O’Toole. There should be consideration given to the licens...More Button

That is a fudge.More Button

The Galway tent.More Button

The Minister will be a martyr.More Button

Is it possible for Senator O’Toole to make a response?More Button

The Minister’s desire must be to be seen as a martyr to the cause. That is the way he is portraying himself this evening. He will be a martyr but I do not know how long he will be Minister....More Button

The Minister said that if the licensing authority were to transfer to local authorities it would need to be effective. Local authorities are effective in many respects, for example, waste manageme...More Button

I did not oppose it. The Minister should look at the record.More Button

Local authorities already have veterinary departments. They already have dog wardens in whom the Minister has placed so much faith in terms of the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill. The Minister i...More Button

The Minister should put it to the test and see what would be the outcome if local authorities had this responsibility. He has argued that they would not want the responsibility. I hold the opposi...More Button

I regret what the Minister has said which undermines local authorities. He has consistently undermined elected local authority members and attacked councillors in various parties in recent months.More Button

That is most unfair. The Minister is on the record in that regard. He is now making another attack on local government by saying local authorities might not reach effective levels of management. ...More Button

The Seanad divided: Tá, 14; Níl, 26.More Button

Bill received for final consideration.More Button

The Seanad divided: Tá, 25; Níl, 16.More Button

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