Regan, Eugene

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

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Economic Outlook: Motion.

I thank the Minister of State for his contribution on the amendment. It is unfortunate the motion tabled by Fine Gael, all of which was positive and pinpointed some of the key areas that must be a...More Button

In an article in a recent publication, Ireland’s Economic Success: Reasons and Prospects,by Paul Sweeney, the Taoiseach states that the Celtic tiger was in gestation for quite some tim...More Button

The Minister of State said it is important to put the current lower economic growth into context and revert back to the growth rates we have had in the past ten years. We revert back to the Govern...More Button

We are aware of the figures. That is a shocking admission and the complacency of the conclusion highlights the problem we face because there has been a complete reversal in the state of the Govern...More Button

Senators Twomey and Donohoe touched on many of the issues that speak to the motion but I want to raise the issue concerning the social partnership agreements and the manner in which the State&rsquo...More Button

We also have a democratic deficit domestically where we adopt legislation in the Oireachtas and delegate to Ministers an extensive area to legislate without the Oireachtas taking responsibility for...More Button

The third area I believe there is a democratic deficit is in the manner in which the social partnership agreements are conducted by the Government. Given the extensive nature of those agreements t...More Button

In the past the Government has entered into commitments that were a serious constraint on Government policy. We saw that in the area of testing for driving licences where, by reason of the nature ...More Button

Deputy Enda Kenny suggested in a recent Dáil statement that the situation could be addressed by each new round of partnership being proceeded by a motion outlining the key challenges to be a...More Button

Setting out those objectives by the Government is of particular importance. We are aware now that we are in a very difficult economic situation. That has been confirmed by the European Commission...More Button

In 1950, Seán Lemass opposed the establishment of the Industrial Development Authority on the basis that the Minister for Industry and Commerce under that Bill was endeavouring to pass over ...More Button

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