White, Alex

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

Before Christmas emergency legislation was introduced in this House by the Minister for Health and Children to deal with the Attorney General’s concerns about the constitutional status of var...More Button

Journalists do not always get things right, but I ask the Leader to confirm to the House whether it is intended to introduce this legislation next week. If this is the case will he explain why the...More Button

I wish to pick up on a related matter mentioned by Senator Fitzgerald about the ongoing debate and concerns among Fianna Fáil and other Government party Senators and Deputies in respect of v...More Button

Those opposite may groan but they will say something different to me outside in a few minutes.More Button

This is relevant. The Senators opposite can have all the din and shouting they want, but I will finish my point. I have been told by my colleagues opposite on more than one occasion, for example,...More Button

(Interruptions).More Button

That is exactly the reaction I expected. This is the position we have come to in these Houses. The Government abrogates the role and functions of these Houses and transfers them behind closed doo...More Button

Including the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party.More Button

Senator Callely can vote for that in a few minutes.More Button

Senator Feeney is deliberately missing the point. We are talking about how power corrupts.More Button

It is in the Standing Orders.More Button

It is in the Standing Orders.More Button

It is in the Standing Orders.More Button

Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Control of Exports Bill 2007 [Seanad Bill amended by the Dáil]: Report and Final Stages.

I appreciate the Minister of State’s comments and the advice he has received. The rationale for our proposal has been taken account of, which I welcome.More Button

I agree with the sentiments expressed by my colleagues in respect of the importance of an annual report and the continuing scrutiny of the issues addressed in this legislation. I appreciate there ...More Button

I also welcome the passage of this legislation and the commitment the Minister of State has shown to consultation with members of the Opposition in both Houses. This is important legislation and, ...More Button

Notwithstanding the fact that not all of the Opposition’s proposed amendments have been accepted there has been a willingness to consider them and some have found their way through in some sh...More Button

Northern Ireland Issues: Statements (Resumed).

I also welcome that we are having this discussion and I welcome the Minister’s contribution. However, what was just said by Senator Walsh contrasts to some extent with what the Minister has ...More Button

As the Minister outlined in his speech, there has been a significant change in our country, North and South, in the past ten years and even in the past year. New institutions are in place and ther...More Button

The Minister also said that we cannot turn our backs on the past, an argument with which I concur. We cannot say that atrocities, collusion and dreadful events that occurred can simply be left the...More Button

At the same time, public bodies and institutions such as Parliament and Government must do everything in their power to ensure matters that ought to be exposed, be they in respect of State action o...More Button

If there is one individual I would point out as embodying that human rights approach to evaluating the past and moving to the future, it is Nuala O’Loan who was the Police Ombudsman in the No...More Button

It is not enough simply to talk about healing or moving. Sometimes governments must take action to ensure that occurs. To that extent, I agree with what Senators Cummins and Walsh have said, name...More Button

There is no doubt the sub-committee to which Senator Walsh referred has made some valuable suggestions. My colleague, Deputy Joe Costello, as a member of the sub-committee, often criticised the fa...More Button

Deputy Costello also proposed in the other House that the Ceann Comhairle be called on — the Cathaoirleach of this House should be also called on — to inform the Speaker of the House of...More Button

Senator Walsh referred to the efforts of the Taoiseach. These Houses should call on the Taoiseach to renew his efforts to secure the agreement of the British Government on the courses of action re...More Button

These Houses should call on the British Government, as a sign of its good faith in dealing with the legacy of conflict, to provide access to all of the original documents relating to the atrocities...More Button

Like Senator Walsh and every other Member of this House, I grew up during the Troubles and reports of a body in the ditch on the nine o’clock news every night, week in, week out. It is a hug...More Button

I ask the Minister to consider another issue to do with our Government’s willingness to shine a light on dark areas of the Troubles, namely, the killing in the early 1970s of Garda Richard Fa...More Button

Economic Outlook: Motion.

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