Doherty, Pearse

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

I support the amendment to the Order of Business. This Chamber must debate the matter today. I listened to Senator Kelly’s comments on time and space. This issue has been brewing since Sep...More Button

There is no point in Senators running around in 11 days telling people they support rural pharmacies if they will not allow the Minister to be held accountable in the Seanad. I appeal to Governmen...More Button

Let us have the Minister, who is responsible for the HSE, appear in the House.More Button

I commend the Leader on agreeing to a debate on Malin Head and Valentia within the foreseeable future, hopefully within the next two weeks. Many Senators have called for this and I am pleased to s...More Button

Many remarks were made in the Chamber yesterday about the wider public perception of the Senate. We must bear some of the blame in this respect. We must examine how we do business. Last week I s...More Button

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Northern Ireland Issues: Statements (Resumed).

That may be my fault for not advising the Chair.More Button

Ar dtús báire, ba chóir dúinn a aithint go bhfuilimid ag caint faoi eachtraí inar chaill daoine a saoil. Tá teaghlaigh agus cairde na daoine úd ag ...More Button

We must be mindful of all victims of collusion and of those who were directly murdered by British state forces on Irish ground as well as all other victims. There can never be a hierarchy of victi...More Button

I am disappointed that the term collusion does not appear in the title of this debate. Are we afraid to acknowledge that collusion exists? Do people believe collusion is an illusion?More Button

In reply to questions from my party colleague in the Dáil, Deputy Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin, the Taoiseach stated that the Government would facilitate an agreed, comprehensiv...More Button

The Minister indicated that meeting the families of victims of collusion is an indication that the Government will not allow these reports to gather dust on the shelf. The real indication would be...More Button

Two years ago, the Dáil and the Seanad passed a motion calling on the British Government to establish an independent international inquiry into the murder of Mr. Pat Finucane. Two months af...More Button

Collusion is effectively ongoing. The British system is still protecting its agents and, for them more importantly, still protecting senior military and political figures who ran the system of col...More Button

In the Dáil yesterday, the Taoiseach said he could not envisage this information ever being released. That is not an acceptable answer from the Taoiseach. Anybody who doubts the reality an...More Button

I wish to mention the murder of Donegal Sinn Féin county councillor, Eddie Fullerton, in his home in Buncrana in May 1991. I was too young to know Eddie personally but the older Members of ...More Button

The Fullerton family has been campaigning for an independent public inquiry into Eddie’s murder. They received unanimous backing from all parties on Donegal County Council for that call in 2...More Button

Economic Outlook: Motion.

I listened with interest and wondered if it was 1 April when I heard comments that privatisation is good for public services.More Button

The slowdown of the economy is no surprise. It has not been helped by our dependence on the US economy which has been on a downward slide since the sub-prime crisis broke. Neither has it been hel...More Button

Since 2000, 65% of jobs have been created in public services or the construction industry. In the same period, the agriculture and manufacturing sectors have lost jobs. It is crucial the Governme...More Button

Our cities are congested and public transport infrastructure is inadequate. We pay the highest rates for broadband which is the slowest in Europe. House prices have pushed workers further into th...More Button

Furthermore, there is still a knowledge deficit, particularly with regard to pre-primary education where Ireland is well below the European average. A number of years ago Sinn Féin proposed...More Button

Our approach to research and development is a concern. While belated strides have been made in this regard, current employment in and expenditure on research and development in higher education an...More Button

The rising cost base is undeniable. However, several contributing factors can be remedied by appropriate, progressive Government intervention. The three largest sources of spending in Ireland are...More Button

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