Cummins, Maurice

Friday, 2 July 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 203 Nbr. 14

Order of Business

Those are terrible interruptions.More Button

Yes.More Button

The Seanad divided: Tá, 17; Níl, 24.More Button

Order of Business agreed to.More Button

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Adoption Bill 2009 [Seanad Bill Amended by the Dáil]: Report and Final Stages

Will the Minister of State clarify the position with regard to Vietnamese adoptions. If Vietnam signs the Hague Convention will this open the way for families to adopt from Vietnam again? This ne...More Button

I refer to inter-country adoptions.More Button

The banks are very good at that.More Button

How soon?More Button

And compliance on our part.More Button

Health (Amendment) Bill 2010: Committee and Remaining Stages

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Committee Stage

I have a simple question to ask before the Minister replies. I raised the point on Second Stage. Approximately 80 or 90 deer are killed in the Phoenix Park and in Muckross in the Killarney Nation...More Button

I read out the Green Party’s policy.More Button

We have a bigger mandate that the Green Party.More Button

The Minister should not start digging another hole.More Button

Did the Minister listen to the Attorney General’s advice on the Poolbeg incinerator?More Button

Thank you, a Leas-Chathaoirligh. I thought you were going to stop me from coming in on this.More Button

I do not intend to make speeches. I just want to quote the Green Party’s welfare policy:More Button

It certainly has and it refers to several items which have been raised on this section to date whereby people are making incorrect assertions and comments.More Button

Allow me to continue to quote. The Minister should read his own propaganda. I am giving it back to him and he does not like it.More Button

As I stated last night, the Minister can give it but he cannot take it.More Button

I will continue because I have only two lines left. It is not worth listening to the Green Party anyway which has only 2% of the vote. The party claims it will introduce an end to blood sports wi...More Button

It answers some of the spurious comments made on the other side.More Button

No.More Button

The Minister has quoted the Attorney General from years ago.More Button

At present.More Button

I am only reading from it. Is the Minister suggesting the document from which I am reading is wrong?More Button

Can Senator Coffey speak?More Button

The Senator should not let himself get exercised by this Bill.More Button

The Senator interrupted and heckled everybody who spoke.More Button

When we are at 2% we will worry.More Button

We are not voting. We have more things to discuss.More Button

He will not answer.More Button

Why not leave it till later? Why not deal with it next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday?More Button

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Report and Final Stages

I support this amendment, which I consider to be highly fair. As for local authorities taking on such responsibilities, everyone advocates giving more responsibilities and powers to local authorit...More Button

I thank the Cathaoirleach because on Second Stage, every speaker endured interruptions from the other side. Senator Dearey should simply look at the record.More Button

I refer to the policy as set out in 2005.More Button

I am sure local authorities would be quite willing to take on the responsibility and risk regarding this matter. I refer to the people in whose jurisdiction the hunt will take place. Their peers ...More Button

The Minister is talking about the people he is in government with.More Button

The Minister is digging again.More Button

It is no wonder the Green Party has only three councillors.More Button

It is no wonder the Green Party has only three councillors.More Button

Why did the Minister’s party go into government with the people who were involved with the Bailey brothers?More Button

The Minister should look at the record.More Button

The Minister should look at the record.More Button

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