Walsh, Jim

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

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Northern Ireland Issues: Statements.

The sub-committee’s first report dealt with the 17 May 1974, when bombs went off in the centre of Dublin city at 5.30 p.m. The victims included Patrick Askin, 44 years of age; Josie Bradley,...More Button

The sadness and sense of loss felt by the victims’ relatives were very much in evidence when they appeared before the committee, and were as raw and as hurtful as they had been some 34 years ...More Button

The first breakthrough for the families was when they met the current Taoiseach in the late 1990s and he agreed to take a personal interest in the matter. In 2000 the Government established an ind...More Button

It is worthwhile to refer briefly to the recommendations made by the sub-committee and subsequently endorsed by the then Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Equality, Defence and Women’s R...More Button

Finally, the recommendations state, “The Sub-Committee recommends that a resolution of both Houses of the Oireachtas be passed endorsing this Report and its recommendations, and would invite the UK...More Button

The second report of the sub-committee dealt with the Dublin bombings of December 1972 and January 1973, the bombings in Belturbet in December 1972, and the murders of Bríd Carr, 26, on the ...More Button

The third report dealt with the murder of Seamus Ludlow on 2 May 1976. In its findings, the committee recommended inter alia that a historic inquiries team be established in this jurisdicti...More Button

The fourth report dealt with nine atrocities: the bombing of Kay’s Tavern in Dundalk in December 1975, the bombing in Castleblayney in March 1976, the bombing of Dublin Airport in November 19...More Button

For the record, it is worth acknowledging the victims of these atrocities: John Francis Hayes, 38; Jack Rooney, 62; Hugh Watters, 60; Patrick Mone, 56; Patrick Donnelly, 24; Michael Donnelly, 14; T...More Button

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With regard to the latest report, it is essential that we refer to the conclusions and recommendations of the committee. As we went along it became obvious to us that there was significant collusi...More Button

I was going to read into the record the comments of the Taoiseach, who has been highly critical of the failure to get co-operation from the British side on this, but will not do so because they are...More Button

Northern Ireland Issues: Statements (Resumed).

Deputy Ardagh’s comments are worth noting because he would certainly have started with a view that perhaps there was no collusion involved in these various atrocities. As the various hearing...More Button

Coming from the Chairman, who was impartial and very objective in the manner in which he conducted these hearings and the subsequent reports, that is of tremendous significance and clearly illustra...More Button

The question arises as to where we go from here. These people have suffered for too long without getting some remedy or closure on their hurt and sadness. I propose we come back to this House wit...More Button

I commend the Taoiseach on his efforts. He raised this issue at the meeting in Manchester with the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and they have agreed that the matter will be pursued by the...More Button

To preserve and endorse our sovereignty, we need, as a Parliament, to ensure these issues are not allowed to be forgotten and to increase our efforts to bring closure to a group of people who have ...More Button

Economic Outlook: Motion.

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