Quinn, Feargal

Friday, 2 July 2010

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 203 Nbr. 14

Order of Business

A shopkeeper often when deciding on prices discovers that when putting the price of a product up, he makes less profit but by reducing it on occasion he makes more profit. On that basis, the most ...More Button

Ryanair is by far our largest carrier and it is also one of the largest in Europe. It is a price sensitive airline. In other words, people travel with the company if the price comes down but if i...More Button

The Dutch have abolished a similar levy for that reason. Yesterday, figures were published that showed the passenger numbers for Irish airlines had dropped by 18% as they had in Britain while numb...More Button

The tax is affecting tourists, bed and breakfasts, hotels and campsites. The entire country is being affected by it and that should be recognised.More Button

The Irish Times published an article today by Dr. Chris Luke, a consultant at Cork University Hospital. He apparently wrote to the newspaper five years ago to highlight the model used by Au...More Button

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Adoption Bill 2009 [Seanad Bill Amended by the Dáil]: Report and Final Stages

I congratulate the Minister of State on his grasp of and interest in the topic. I have not been involved in the debate on this occasion. I thank him for coming back to us with those amendments, w...More Button

Health (Amendment) Bill 2010: Committee and Remaining Stages

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Committee Stage

The Minister is welcome. I have one point to make on the Bill, which is the point made by Senator Coffey. I declare an interest, as I did on Second Stage, in that I was a member of the Ward Union...More Button

One of the other sports in which I took pleasure was fishing. It seems to me that if animal welfare is a concern then one would have to include fishing. These are the types of steps about which p...More Button

With regard to animal welfare topics, one will find very often that those who live closer to the animals are very much aware of the need to look after them well. On that basis, the concerns that m...More Button

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Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Report and Final Stages

I second the amendment. We heard much about subsidiarity during the debate on the Lisbon treaty referendum. This was explained to us as the idea that decisions should be made and laws should be p...More Button

There is misunderstanding about many things that take place in rural life. There is misunderstanding by those who live in the city. They are not steeped in the involvement of rural life and it is...More Button

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