Twomey, Liam

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

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Economic Outlook: Motion.

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There is no doubt our economy is in good shape overall. It is no thanks to Government policy that it has remained in such good shape over recent years, but rather to the hard work and diligence of...More Button

The tough decisions being made now are ones that hurt the poor, the sick and the elderly. For example, the Health Service Executive is trying to deny operations to young sick children on the basis...More Button

Let us look at this from the economic point of view. What do we expect from our economy? We want an efficient public sector and a competitive cost base, but there are problems in both these areas...More Button

One area in which the Government is falling down particularly badly is in the provision of services under its control. Energy, transport and water charges have increased. It is not only water cha...More Button

The new buzz words are “the green agenda”. This agenda is no more than double taxing or a means of increasing taxes. The Green Party must wake up to what is happening in our economy and start bri...More Button

Competitiveness is a significant issue. It has been ignored by the Government but will creep up on it very quickly. Competitiveness in the private sector has increased by 46% in recent years but ...More Button

Infrastructure is incredibly important to the economy but we are not investing enough in transport, roads, rail and ports. Our broadband is a standing joke internationally. For a country that pri...More Button

The extent to which house owners have been screwed by the Government will become more apparent at the end of the year when we see the huge drop in income from the construction industry. What is ha...More Button

The Government needs to wake up to the need for value for money in all the services for which Government is responsible. Ireland has been lauded on its low unemployment rate of just under 5% and I...More Button

I was very disappointed by the Government’s efforts to dismantle the community employment schemes. These schemes are a social scheme and do not exist to provide an educated workforce. They ...More Button

I have noticed there appears to be a significant number of people going on permanent or temporary illness related disability payments rather than saying they are unable to attend work. Has there b...More Button

The Government must look at the cost of reskilling and retraining people for new jobs, especially people leaving the construction sector. Unfortunately, too many young men did not go on to college...More Button

We have heard a lot of talk recently, from the Taoiseach down, stating that the problems with our economy are a result of the challenging global climate. That can be described only as poppycock be...More Button

Last May, Fianna Fáil, through the Minister, Deputy Brian Cowen, said there was nothing to fear regarding the Irish economy because the party would ensure continued growth in our economy and...More Button

The backlash for the Government will probably come from the unsheltered section of our economy, where the concept of a job for life never existed. Many people do not yet realise how much of a raw ...More Button

In 1983, when this country was considered to be in a serious financial predicament, our debt was basically the debt of the State. The Government had done most of the borrowing. Today this country...More Button

We have a responsibility to the people who have made the Celtic tiger what it is today. We must ensure they are not disadvantaged by any Government decisions made in the next two or three years, e...More Button

The figures used by Fine Gael were provided by the Department of Finance and accepted by the Government. More Button

The Senator knows exactly what I am talking about. He should not manipulate the figures to suit himself. More Button

No one in this Chamber or in the media is trying to talk this country into recession. The Taoiseach stated not long ago that people who talked down the construction industry were unpatriotic. How...More Button

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I run a business and, like other business people, I know what it means to be fleeced by Government costs. Rates, waste and water charges are increasing while there is a raft of large additional ch...More Button

The chickens have started to come home to roost and that is damaging our economy. Government speakers who recite lists in their contributions as if everything in the garden is rosy are acting like...More Button

Senator O’Malley made an unbelievable statement when she said the public sector unions are driving the Government down the privatisation route. If any explanation is needed for how the Progr...More Button

The Seanad divided: Tá, 27; Níl, 19.More Button

Motion, as amended, put and declared carried.More Button

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