O'Malley, Fiona

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 188 Nbr. 14

Order of Business.

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Economic Outlook: Motion.

I hope I please Senator Regan by engaging fully with the motion and counter-motion before the House. Regarding Exchequer returns, the difference is that investment made now is wise and will produc...More Button

Senator Regan referred to smugness on the part of the Government because of ten years of economic success. I think it is pride that we all experience as we travel abroad. I know this from my expe...More Button

I refer to competitiveness in Government provided services, especially public services. A good example of that was Spencer Dock train station, the first publicly developed train station opening ah...More Button

The amendment to the motion notes the progress to date on public sector reform and welcomes the Government’s strong commitment to progressing public sector reform. Mitt Romney made a point i...More Button

Senators Ross and Quinn mentioned complacency, a concern I share. We are entering different times and must know our public services can cope with adaptability. From the point of view of the Progr...More Button

I heard on the news that IMPACT has called an all-out strike at the airports. As an island nation we must be careful with these matters. Senator Ross outlined what is wrong with social partnershi...More Button

Senator Regan criticised the Government for not explaining what it sought from the partnership process. It is perfectly clear and is written in the amendment to the motion. The Government’s...More Button

I listened with interest to the call by Senator Alex White for a debate on the tax regime, which would be useful. As feared, Senator White reversed his party’s position in the election. It ...More Button

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