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Martin, Micheál

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Ceisteanna ó Cheannairí - Leaders' Questions

The Leas-Cheann Comhairle's indulgence is always appreciated in the season of goodwill.More Button

My colleague, Deputy Donnelly, who is our health spokesperson, has compiled the most comprehensive picture so far of the number of children waiting for healthcare in Ireland. It is not a good stor...More Button

I will give some examples. In ear, nose and throat, ENT, close to 3,000 children have been waiting over a year for an appointment. In paediatric cardiology more than 1,200 children have been wa...More Button

This underpins the experiences of many in this House in dealing with many parents and families, who are exasperated, frustrated and very anxious about the failure to get assessments and regular a...More Button

Will the Government remove the hiring embargo to enable the fast recruitment of doctors, therapists, radiographers and so forth? Will it remove the new entrant pay inequality for consultants in ...More Button

Ceisteanna ó Cheannairí - Leaders' Questions (Continued)

We will continue to invest. There is an additional €1 billion in the budget for the HSE next year. The Connolly centre has opened and is helping already. We need to open that over weekends and i...More Button

To answer the Deputy's question, there is not a moratorium on recruitment. We have 15,000 more staff in our health service than we had a few years ago. We have more staff in our health service ...More Button

We are working on consultant pay. We are willing to make an offer to doctors with regard to consultant pay - we will give full pay equality for consultants, provided consultants commit to workin...More Button

The Taoiseach acknowledges that it is shocking that so many children have to wait for so long. He referred to the NTPF. That was brought in against his best wishes.More Button

The former Minister, Senator James Reilly, got rid of the fund. He did not have to but he got rid of it because of his ideological position on it. It was a disastrous decision and it took confide...More Button

That said, the Taoiseach is still in denial about the recruitment embargo. I have a copy of an advertisement for an audiology post in July 2018. It is a key post that is needed in the southern ...More Button

No one in this House can dictate the planning process.More Button

I am just making a point to the Taoiseach.More Button

It is a serious matter for the parents of the children concerned.More Button

Telling them that we are at roof level is of no consequence for a mother and a father who want to get a psychologist appointment-----More Button

-----or urgent appointments for hospital outpatient treatment and therapy. The Taoiseach should ask anyone in the House.More Button

The waiting times for therapists are shocking, appalling and that continues to be the case.More Button

I apologise.More Button

Because of our initiative.More Button

The first case the Deputy raised is a complex one and there are individual matters involved which I will not go into in the Chamber, but perhaps I can speak to her about it privately afterwards. W...More Button

The solution to the housing crisis, on which we all broadly agree, is to increase dramatically the supply of housing in this country. We have an expanding, growing population and more households...More Button

It is a big step forward in terms of the Government's policy in this area, which is to make life easier for families, to build a society with children and families at the centre and to improve work...More Button

The Deputy raised an important question on childminding. Notwithstanding the fact that I spent the morning on this issue, I did not have a chance to speak to the Minister for Children and Youth ...More Button

People paid a relatively small amount of PRSI every year but were only retired for a short amount of time.More Button

The change since then has been wonderful, in that life expectancy has improved. Most people now live into their 80s, which is brilliant, but comes with the consequence that the cost of pensions ...More Button

Ceisteanna ar Reachtaíocht a Gealladh - Questions on Promised Legislation

I was reminded, during the last discussion, of the wonders of the free travel initiative in the late 1960s, which continues to have such a revolutionary impact on the quality of lives of many senio...More Button

An interesting piece of research was published this morning, entitled Building Community Resilience, by Dr. Johnny Connolly from the centre for crime, justice and victim studies at the University...More Button

We are discussing the Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Bill, tabled by Deputy Curran, this week, which would make it an offence to buy drugs from a minor and make it an offence to use a minor or cause...More Button

Cabinet Committee Meetings (Continued)

Yesterday, the Taoiseach came out with another of his increasingly desperate attack lines, with the bizarre claim that we, on the Opposition side, are calling for the re-profiling of capital projec...More Button

It takes a special form of almost childish brazenness to sign a contract rapidly to make a project irreversible and then attack others for not proposing to incur massive costs for the State by re...More Button

When will the Taoiseach publish the reprofiling timetable and costs under the plan? I note his indication that the code for public spending will be updated. I note, too, that the Secretary Genera...More Button

Deputy Micheál Martin referred to cutting back the roads budget and re-profiling it. In the interest of clarity, I was referring to a Green Party motion that Fianna Fáil voted for-----More Button

I said re-profile the whole plan.More Button

The Taoiseach is very worried about the Greens. I wonder why.More Button

It is not up to date.More Button

It has not been up to date for ages.More Button

National Economic and Social Council

Asked the Taoiseach: if he will report on the work of his Department with the National Economic and Social Council.More Button

In the past couple of years, NESC has focused much of its work on climate change and sustainability. This has been welcome and constructive work. This was acknowledged earlier this year when the ...More Button

National Economic and Social Council (Continued)

What was going on before the Taoiseach was appointed to his current office? What universe was he in?More Button

What is the evidence base for how we can achieve that? Surely, there must be documentation.More Button

Civil Service Renewal Plan (Continued)

When the Civil Service renewal programme was launched in 2014 it unfortunately suffered over-hype from its early stages, which is now the dominant approach to all Government plans. At the end of t...More Button

As part of this final module, the commission considered the issues and policy challenges associated with pay setting for top level posts in the public service at the current time, as evidenced by r...More Button

On the question of pay determination for future such posts, the commission stated it would be appropriate, should it be decided to conduct a review of remuneration of senior level posts, that the...More Button

In regard to Deputy Micheál Martin's assertion that financial decisions are being re-politicised, I would not accept that assertion. In fact, I would give an example of the contrary, which is th...More Button

Who gets the points?More Button

The Taoiseach should talk to the Minister, Deputy Ross.More Button

Pre-European Council Meeting: Statements (Continued)

The European Council in particular will continue to follow the negotiations closely and provide political direction as necessary.More Button

Ireland has always said we want the closest possible relationship between the EU and the UK, trade, security and political. It is also vital to our economic interests that the Single Market is p...More Button

This week's Council meeting is not due to involve any major action on the range of short- and long-term issues of concern to the European Union as a whole. This is disappointing given that this is...More Button

Over quite a few years my party has sought a much deeper engagement with European Union reform in the Dáil and in public debate. We have been very specific in setting out an approach which would...More Button

The year 2020 is likely to be defining in the future of the European Union. There will be decisions about the future of the budget, relations with the United Kingdom, enforcement of fundamental ...More Button

In the discussions about the multi-annual financial framework we are basically discussing whether or not the European Union will be allowed to do the work for which it has been given responsibili...More Button

Related to this is the issue of creating a new fiscal capacity in the eurozone to assist countries and regions at times of serious pressure. President Macron's proposal in this regard was propor...More Button

Regarding Brexit, while we cannot predict the outcome of tomorrow's election, the indications are that the ratification of the withdrawal agreement Bill will proceed to a conclusion in the next s...More Button

Regarding Northern Ireland, the leaked Treasury report published by the British Labour Party last week and confirmed by other reporting suggests that the withdrawal agreement threatens major econ...More Button

The European Union also faces a serious challenge to its core principles of the rule of law and fair democracies. This comes from within and outside the Union. When governments take over their ...More Button

Equally, Ireland needs to stand with Ukraine as it continues to endure the invasion and partition imposed on it by an authoritarian neighbour. What would it say to countries such as the European...More Button

We also need the European Union to understand that business as usual with Israel is becoming increasingly unacceptable. Prime Minister Netanyahu has, despite what the Tánaiste told us, become mo...More Button

I remind the Taoiseach that there is no evidence of him or the Tánaiste proposing at EU level that this legislation should be allowed or adopted by the European Union as a whole. How far does Prim...More Button

EU Budgets

Asked the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade: his views on the severe cuts to defence and climate policy areas in view of the latest draft EU budget plans for 2021 to 2027 for the EU long-term budget; and if he has discussed same with his EU c...More Button

Northern Ireland

Asked the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade: the status of the implementation of the St. Andrews and Fresh Start agreements.More Button

Brexit Negotiations

Asked the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade: if he will report on the post-Brexit relationship talks planned as part of the December 2019 Foreign Affairs Council meeting; his policy objectives for same; and if he has met his officials to disc...More Button

Cybersecurity Policy

Asked the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment: if he has spoken with EU leaders, particularly of the UK and Italy, regarding the use of technology (details supplied) in view of the reports following the NATO conference held in London recently.More Button